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Maria De Filippi shows the refrigerator with Fazio Ice Cream Costanzo: & # 39; They are not all mine


Mauricio Course Hunan He was one of the protagonists of the November 11 episode. What time [VIDEO]. On this occasion, the TV presenter intervened to present a book called 'Il tritolo e le rose – My Memorable Nineties' in his home. Surprisingly, at the end of the interview, Maria de Filippi I approached the husband who gave life to the fun curtain. The presenter did not forget the hilarious anecdote and talked about the difficult relationship between Costanzo and the diet.

New book by Maurizio Costanzo

In a given interview Fabio Pachio The reporter focused on his latest editing work.

The text Constantius deals with the golden age of his television, and above all two events that celebrate his life: Ruggero Fauro Via and his wedding Maria de Filippi [VIDEO]. "On May 14, 1993, the Mafia gladly gave me a car with 70 kg of TNT for the transmission I received. I was with Maria, and fortunately the car was not always the same and this had some. Otherwise, we had to press the button that would remain headless. "The host pointed out that some of the attackers were" behind bars "when there was a trial," free and alive. " Costanzo He confessed that if he died someone would have ended the attack early. "I would never have believed that someone could lose their lives for my work."

The elderly at age 80 explained that only a long-lasting & # 39; law 'would continue to work with the project. " The speech fell in love with Queen Mary. "She became my assistant and soon saw Monica Vitti, who praised her a lot."

The remarkable involvement of Maria De Filippi

Costanzo, with a serious and serious aspect, remembered only his wedding date (August 28, 1995) because it was consistent with his birthday. At the end of the interview, the TV host talked about the relationship with food. "Once with my friend, I stopped at the hospital, eating 24 cream puffs. Since I married Mary, I am watching." At this point, it entered the scene. Maria de Filippi Who said that her husband transplanted and had a little bit of an agreement with a dietitian. Ice cream sometimes. The TV writer asked the cameraman to follow her, and when she arrived in the kitchen, she showed how many ice cream parlors were in the refrigerator.

Instant response Costanzo: "Of those boxes, there is only one thing that interests me, the others are for Mary and her friends.

Above all, it is not ice cream, but sugar-free, sort of sorbet, which is the collapse of par e *. "The conductor concluded his speech by saying De Filippi was the most important woman he met:" I want to die in his hands. "

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