Sunday , January 24 2021

Lorella Cuccarini, her program is a flop: Heather Parisi teases her

War at a distance remains between Lorella Cuccarini and Heather Parisi to the flop of Grand Tour, the Italian hostess's program.

A few weeks ago, Cuccarini announced its big return on Rai Uno with a broadcast dedicated in the early evening to the beauty of Italy. These are five specials that reveal tourist travel plans from North to South, discovered by Lorella along with the journalist Angelo Mellone and Giuseppe Calabrese, cooking expert.

Unfortunately, the viewers did not reward the performance, which turned out to be a flop. The first episodes have been beaten both from the special about Nadia Toffa, which aired after her episode, and from a & # 39; replica of La Sai De Last, while following have registered one share below 9%. A decidedly disappointing result for a prime-time program.

Heather Parisi, an avowed enemy of Cuccarini, she did not miss the chance to tease her colleague. On Twitter, he has that comment on the flop fan Grand Tour, mocked Lorella.

"Houston, we have a problem! – he wrote -. He desperately sought TV listeners for sovereign dancers. #sovraniste #sovranismo #heatherparisi ".

This is just another chapter of & # 39; e battle between Cuccarini and Parisi, competitors for over thirty years. Return to TV with the format Nemicamatissima, the two had denied they were enemies, only to fight hard toward the end of & # 39; transfer. Since then, vitriolic jokes and social tweets have never been missed.

A rivalry that dates back to the 1980s when both participated in fantastic, program run by Pippo Baudo. Heather Parisi was in fact the first dancer of & # 39; the show, willing to perform on & # 39; e notes of Cicale, but in 1985 he came replaced by Cuccarini that she was still a semi-unknown dancer at that time and was part of her dance group. a snub that Parisi, according to some rumors, has never been forgotten.

Since then, the two artists have never stopped pleading and pleading, even when they did a program together. We will see what happens and what will happen Lorella's response for Heather's joke. One thing is certain: the collision is open.

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