Saturday , September 25 2021

LIVE TJ – Work in the sports school for Juventus

20:07 – AFTERNOON TRAINING ENDED – Juventus, via their official website, provided the details of today’s session: “A full day today between the Training Center and Allianz Stadium. After yesterday’s single session, the group returned to play a double training session today.

Morning on the field: Even today, the session was purely technical based on “balls”, played at high intensity, and possessions focused on ball management and game development.

In the afternoon, first at the Allianz Stadium held the press conference to present Mister Allegri, then, again at Continassa, the group came together for the second training of the day, dedicated to strength, in the sports school.

Double session tomorrow: tomorrow and noon “, we read on

12:41 – M MRE TRAINING FOR JUVE – This morning, Juventus took to the field to train for the match against Monza. Soon the team will have lunch then there will be rest and in the meantime Massimiliano Allegri will speak at the press conference. In the afternoon, however, the Livorno coach will return to the field for the second session of the day.

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