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Kylie Minogue, 50 Years of Success: Italian Concert and New Album


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«One of my concerts was born with a goal. Keep your audience entertained, maintain a close relationship with your audience, complete your career as much as possible I am a woman and an artist now".

Kylie Minogue We present the only Italian date scheduled for tomorrow at Gran Teatro Geox in Padua.

A 50 year old Australian pop diva is enjoying a happy moment. She has a new album "Golden"Beginning as an actor in the late '70s and playing with the" Runner Crow "," Jason Donovan "and" Natalie Evgluglia " I recorded a huge turning point in my career that started with my neighbors.

He speaks on the phone in the UK: the assistant is very good at promoting respect for a very short period of time. She is kind and I would like to emphasize that I have many memories of Italy.

"I know it is trivial to say that I love Italy because it is a wonderful country.
I traveled to Europe and came to Italy once a year as a tourist. Then everything began to change a bit as my career began to walk on different paths. Everything changes when you go to work. The most vivid memories relate to the ghosts of the Sanremo festival (2002 and 2008).
Reality, what's the name of the great festival once a year?) And "Crazy Fun Show" ("Torno Sabato" in 2003 by Giorgio Panariello). I intend to add another beautiful Italian memory to this concert. "

Over the years, Kylie Minogue has become a symbol of devotion: it is the icon of the LGTB movement, a campaign to fight AIDS. With the political changes in the US and Europe, do you think it's right to send specific content through concerts at this moment, too complicated?

"It's an important question about the topic you have to talk about for hours." The best way to explain how I think is to take an example. I visited Bruce Springsteen show on Broadway a while ago. The relationship Bruce has with people through words and songs is amazing. All are tied. You do not need to explain. We feel community consciousness growing together through music. It's my dedication: in my and my concert, the first step is always to entertain people beyond the light. These goals require a lot of effort. You are related to people and their feelings. When I feel good, I am having fun and I am confident that I am doing myself. The public feels it and exchanges energy. This is a secret. That gives me energy. Tell my feelings to people. We do not forget the world we live in. "

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