Tuesday , November 30 2021

Killerbaktearje, two dead in Emilia-Romagna – Emilia-Romagna


After reports reported in the Veneto region, two new cases of patients were killed by infection by Mycobacterium Chimera, the so-called killerbacter, confirmed in Emilia Romagna. For two other suspects dead, checks are on the road while at least 100 accounts of 134, the survey should begin. The result arose out of controversy that began by Emilia Romagna, following the request of the Ministry of Socialist, which requested the Regions to request data on potential cases of infectious disease and also requested a detailed analysis of the information gathered since 2016 by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità. And the Salus Hospital defends itself: "Link with deaths that are evaluated".

"We will try with a rare occurrence, probably caused by many machines that are the same company product, and the warning, of course, our part is maximal," said the councilor for health of Emilia-Romagna, Sergio Venturi , announced the beginning of an investigation into 'Region on' e Mycobacterium chimera. "We have two cases of death caused by the infection of this bacteria that has occurred on the Salus Hospital in Reggio Emilia, reported to the Ministry this summer," Venturi explains. "These are very rare events – it adds – It suggests that everything is connected to a certain number of machines that are made by the same company". These are heart-lung machines that have extracorporeal circulation for certain cardio-surgical operations. The region is to create an information sheet that will be sent to all patients who operate on hard surgery that requires the use of the heart-lung machine. "We want to inform you about infections and if they have these symptoms for a long time, they should talk to the primary care doctor," Venturi said.

In Veneto a complaint in recent days was presented by families of Paolo Demo, a 66-year-old Vicenza anesthetist who died on November 2 after an infection caused by the Chimera microbatter. According to the doctor's family, the bacteria has a contract for a heart replacement for replacement of the aortic that Demo has undergone in 2016. The responsibility, according to the complaint, would be meant to use the & # 39; death. a machine for extracorporeal circulation used in jury operation theater. The manufacturer of the instrument defended itself by expecting that the hospitals of the problems already warned in 2015, and advised the establishment of a major strengthening. Instead, it makes the hospital known that in # 39; The time of existence and the problems of the exposition of mycobacterium by the use of these machines were unknown to prevent the knowledge of this problem for the Italian medical world. Go to the facts ".

Also, in the light of an ASL note called Salus and is reported that July 2018, the hospital confirms that "the brave link between some of the deaths and infections by the extracorporal semi-automatic still under evaluation ". The suspect of 'family', even to & quot; The bottom of a memorial left by Demo remains that the hospital, despite the risk of 'risk' s in connection with the use of machines, in time has no action. "The stringent processes of sterilization of the environment, from the staff for the full use of machines and the machines in the operating cameras of Salus Hospital is used, are always provided with executive direction of all protocols. Analyzes have always been negative "to the bacterium, explains the garonsons.

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