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Ketogenic fit for fitness and sport: menus and recipes


Have you ever visited a person who has the body built and who has followed a specific technique to muscle mass and fat fat faster? protein based diabeteswithout carbohydrates? Here was this person one cetoogen diet. This particular diet is based on aThe hip of high fat and lots of content, almost excavated of carbohydrates, to reduce the body in this way to burn fat. State of control epileptic attacks, today it is widely used by those who expect a short time (up to 4 kg per week), by those who want to look like a bad cholesterol or that & # 39; t suffer from type 2 diabetes.


Weight is based on your personality

How does it work
The body requires 180 grams of glucose per day to improve its lifestyle functions. When it fells itself, it starts to earn it, the absence of protons and lipids, a laborious and expensive energy process that results in weight loss, the preservation of a skewer, however, or the muscles.

Eat it
For those who want to follow this type, it is advisable to pay for eggs, birds, white, lamb, turkey, meat, fish, cheese, cold cuts, pistachios, walnuts, and even as the only bread , that of yarns. Yes to vegetable (even 500 grams per day), such as asparagus, pomegranates and broccoli. As a diet, extra money is better than butter.

Foods no
Absolutely avoid pasta, bread, rice, sweet drinking, pizza, ice and vegetables as potatoes, carrots and potatoes, to contain many carbohydrates.

Types of ketogeneal diiette
After this type of diet a long term may be harmful to the body. Here are the two types: the one-one, the whole body (about 50-60 grams per day) raises about a week, and then a removable phase, where the inhalation of carbohydrates Input will be organized (about 10 grams per kilogram body weight).

The intervention, however, was entirely followed by the aerobic sports lessons and did not offer the invader base, as they were taken in whole weeks, but for a lot of 0.7 grams per kilogram body.

The main advantage of this diet is that leave your pound quickly, without damage to a mass maceration, but only the damage of & # 39; a fat massa.

There are a lot of fear for all the state of health. This type of diet stimulates the form of ketone bodies, such as acetone, acetoacetate and 3-hydroxybutyrates, which have normal measurable product without problems by kidneys and lungs, but if this production begins to increase, their accumulation in the blood (called ketosis) feels the blood pH with consequent metabolic azososis.

This can lead to: low, weak, hypoglycemia and gastro-intestinal discussions, headaches, halitosis and a widespread feeling of midweek due to the lack of sugar.
– Increase cholesterol due to the large amount of fat, kidney and liver, the size of the teeth should be twice as much.
– Stress of stress, to deal with the body with the ability to cure and compensate for burning fat.

For who is good
– For people who lead to epileptic attacks;
– For athletes, build the body;
– For people who lead to metabolic diseases such as decency or overweight;
– For people who require diabetes type 2 to control blood sugar.

For those who are not good
– For the liver of type 1 diabetes;
– For people who lead to kidney and animal liberties;
– Who is heavy because he needs a balanced diet;
– It's a pheromere phase in which he needs all nutrition for a healthy and balanced growth.


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