Tuesday , May 11 2021

Kate Middleton, Charlotte celebrates 6 years with a photo and is getting prettier

Charlotte celebrates 6 years with a photo on Instagram and is identical to mom Kate Middleton, Cambridge’s second child growing up fast, getting prettier every day. In the last shot published on social media in honor of his birthday, that it will be celebrated on 2 May, Charlotte is very sweet.

The little girl smiles at the camera, with long hair and a floral dress. The photo was taken by mother Kate, passionate about photography, during the day with her family on the Cambridge estate in Norfolk. Just a few weeks ago, Middleton shared another private recording, this time dedicated to Louis, her third child.

If George and Louis seem to have inherited everything from Father William, Charlotte is a photocopy of Kate and she is growing up very fast. A few years ago we saw her at the wedding of Meghan Markle and Harry, very soft with her bob and tongue. Now we find her with long hair and a disarming smile. “Charlotte always knows what she wants,” a source trusted Daily Mail, revealed how the second child of Cambridge is already a fairly certain child.

If the beauty is that of mother Kate and the love for dance would come from grandmother Diana, Charlotte would have a character like that of the queen with a hint ofThe rebellious spirit of Uncle Harry, On the other hand, the little girl in public events has never failed to show her strong character. Unlike George, he already publicly refuses to shake hands with his father, chooses his clothes personally (applying to become a fashion icon) and would not be flexible with his brothers.

In the house she would command and, according to him real business experts, he would have a real time of rebellion for him. “Contrary to expectations, medians are promoters of change in economics, politics and science, far more than the firstborn,” explained Catherine Salmon and Katrin Schumann, who created the book. The secret power of middle children,

And in part, Charlotte has already completed a small revolution. She will never be queen, but by the Crown Act of 2013 she was not overtaken by her younger brother Louis, and remained fourth in the line of succession to the throne.

Kate Middleton, Charlotte celebrates 6 years with a photo and is identical to her

Charlotte in a photo taken by mom Kate

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