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Iti Meucci, skûtsjes in gym Already performed the sanitation – Chronicle


MASS. The health care business around the school was high: the control of ITI Meucci has the presence of shocks in & # 39; gymnastics of 'informative institute. In her note, the ASL has indicated that the barrier has been contracted by a few gamers of that gymnasium. The space is not really for the exclusive use of Meucci, but, as with other school keys, it is made available to the local sports associations through the Province and the municipality.

From cases of scabies, diagnosed by ASL, the administrator was informed Sonia Casaburo: Healthcare companies, in addition to reporting the institute, also issued a series of guidelines and sanitation instructions, aiming to prevent the spread of scrubs and the risk of infection.

Especially – as stated by the same director – a wet cleaning was asked and performed with chlorine animals.

"The ASL has announced to us – Sonia Casaburo makes the punctuation scams at gymnastics and asked us for a grueling cleaning with chloride services, to clarify the rooms on Thursday and Friday and in those days the boys could not go to the gym, they will not go back this morning because chlorine nets have a very strong smell and the gym must be fully open and left for the whole day today.

The healthcare company asked the school to teach parents of scams gymnastics: "We let the families know what happened and we have made a communications link to our communication that was issued by the same ASL Information on scratches, and especially on herbs, it is clear that they survive under normal conditions no more than 3 or 4 hours, and also have a short life – especially the manager – wet cleaning (with wet cloth and cleaner ndr) This is done every day, even in our classes and on the bank, ensures an environmental impediment to the spread of scrubs.

Scabies (something that the animal tries to treat) it's a contact that clears the skin and saves itself from scrubbing skin. It often influences children. To change and distribute it is a mite, a small parasite that grows under the skin and changes a very strong jockey. You can infect by obtaining objects

previously calculated by people with scabies, but the most common type of tendency is skin-to-skin contact. Scabies can be kept silent and manifest after the time. –

Chiara Sillicani


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