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Influenza, the ultimate is fake news: it stops the cold – Magazine – Wellness


Rome, November 23, 2018 – During times of illness In winter, detected experts from & # 39; The Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS) is a false news, preventing popular convictions, which the aid is useful when stopping the cold. In fact, the infant in the bed does not look cold. And antibiotics, so useful in good hands, are not a panacea without any criteria, after the appearance of women, fever and honest chal: it is necessary to take care of the doctor's advice.

Meanwhile, the number of cases has increased seasonal flu: in the last week 112 thousand new infections, for a total of the beginning of the season of so-called 370 thousand cases. The activity of influenza virus is, however, still underway and the peak is expected for December. This is the latest bulletin influx. The total incidence increased easily to 1.86 cases per thousand assistant, compared to the previous week. Most influences were the children, while the values ​​were lowered to other age groups. The region's more central doctors have been abused, Abruzzo, Piedmont, Umbria, Sicily and Tuscany, as well as, according to the ISS, the incident in certain regions is strongly influenced by the limited number of doctors and pediatricians have sent you, currently, their data. Sentinel Extension of Influenza Influenza Syndrome is coordinated by the ISS with the support of the Ministry of Health.

Back to the fake news, Food is often used as natural remedies for cases and cold. In fact, it may be thought that by setting up the mutties beside the bed, they would be able to attract microbes, say the experts of the institute. "The false mystery, or the message reaches the web, comes from the beginning of the twenty-first century, when a physician with a family of farmers & # 39; the effect was to escape from an innocence in a normal home, which proved that they would be prevented and prevented. In reality, there are no bacterial calamites, to be # 39 microbes are propagated, for example by direct contacts (knees, coughs), but there are no songs that attract sensations.

Scientific Studies show that the air is potentially in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and control blood pressure and cholesterol. So the sip – add the expert – is still a food that has different benefits. It contains calcium, iron and phosphorus that are of great help to physical and mental fatigue; It also contains zinc, sodium and potassium that helps keep the elastic tissue. Ultimately, it's a nice and healthy diet, but the fact that the unpleasant odds over the house has brought remarkable features.

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