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"I'm sorry, I'm not a robot"


Higuain's wrong punishment. Getty

Higuain's wrong punishment. Getty

Coaches are often exaggerated. "We have five final matches," they said in the press. In fact, they are a simple match that can draw 3 points. But Gonzalo Iguana (Great Ex-Milan – Juventus Championship) has to seriously consider entering the final. The way Bianconeri replaced him with Cristiano Ronaldo in the summer. As to how he approached this game during the week of Passion after hitting after k.o. 7 days ago at Udine. No, it was not just a 3-point game. For him, for him, it was the last. Pipita is getting him a big cross: the final, final, cigarettes are all or almost boldly.

A damaging disc
Dealing with "cagnacci" for attackers like Benatia and Chiellini does not have to be a trip to the park. If you go downstairs after 8 and not 100%, you can see who is frustrated. Higuain snorts, back far away to swallow the ball struggling to get the front. Start a reboot that loses some contrast and is not connected anywhere. Then it blinks. A quick test where Benatia hands like "ice". Because of the ice, almost dead in the hands. Moroccans do not wav their noses in the second yellow, whispering Mazzoleni in life (only after traveling to Var's advice and monitor). are you there? Moviole material. But Pipita is probably suspicious. Pipita steals the ball from Kessie's feet. The killer belongs to him even though he is not the shooter. Gonzalo is meticulous, Chizuni knows you. It even tells you where you are shooting. Nothing, Iguana is right there. The Polish goalkeeper moves much earlier, and he is good enough to jump right into the ball. It hurts sickly. Again its cursed 11 meters. In Chile and finals in the Americas Cup.

What is Ceratachi? There are already two clues: Mandzukic's goal, stiffness to nettles. I will try to straighten it. And Gattuso joined Kurt Ron to help him out. (The friend Leo stayed on the bench – Benatia and Chiellini no longer give anything, and Cristiano Ronaldo won 2-0. It's a bit for everyone, even for San Siro who does not sing more than that, but it is not for him, for Higuain, last for others, and on the last day I do not give up because there is no other day waiting for you. Mazzoleni is angry at the midfielder's whistle, as opposed to the usual Benatia, who warned him to stop protesting in yellow, but Gonzalo has now left five minutes in. He was born in Brest, France, but "garra" Slap on the face of the referee, , But they continue to cry .They must shed a tear.What happened at Napoli Udine last year, his expulsion to protest ended the hope of winning Sari.Gattuso prayed that this time was not so decisive There is another 26 days on the floor. It is important that they are not all of the finals …

Late evening, best play on Higuain's black Sunday. Leave the field on the microphone. He is a defeated player, but he is the one who seeks forgiveness for mistakes. "I want to apologize to the team, Gattuso, and the fans, the judges know what I said, I am responsible for what I did, I do not need any more work, what is my response?" Benatia's foul, he whistled at me The referee warned that players should understand the moment. I am not a robot. I am a player. I feel a lot of emotions. I am not an example to children. Sorry. Cooperation with former colleagues? I had a good relationship with them, and I knew what I felt at the scene. Yes, it was consistent with other feelings. I admit it. I gave everything to Juventus uniforms. The penalty? I thought the shoes Jenny had not moved before. He said he knew me? In fact, I always shoot him. But he was quite angled and wanted a huge parade to take him. Him. "

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