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Hot torrid coming, the 8 lines of "40 ° doctor" – weather

Bologna, July 23, 2019 – The mercury column has returned to education, may temperatures that – truths in hand – they will reach 40 degrees in many Italian cities. From north to south. To designate the new wave of waves, this is called this time Africa outside the Sahara, advise experts to follow eight golden rules from a doctor instead of relying on false guides that can be found on the Internet. Which drinks and food are best suited for any anti-heat stroke to wear is explained in the Consulcesi Club vademecum, made in conjunction with Dr. Serena Missori, endocrinologist and nutrition expert. What are the symptoms of hot flush, how can you prevent it and how and defend against this new heat wave? The network is full of "do-it-yourself tips" and pseudo-manuals to prevent dangers heat stroke But if health is at stake, it is always better to trust only the advice of doctors. And in the vademecum of Consulcesi Club, Dr. Serena Missori, endocrineologist and nutritionist (author of "best-selling" belly-dieting), summarized in a few simple rules the steps to follow to enjoy beach-side relaxation in & # 39; a city in complete security.

But first, how do you recognize heat stroke? What are the symptoms? Among the most serious is the loss of knowledge, vomiting, headaches and dizziness all to account for. Like tachycardia and a red, hot and dry skin, without sweating. To prevent illness, however, it is better to follow these eight rules. Keep hydration under control: it is important to stay hydrated, to add lemon juice and fresh mint to the water, to replenish it mineral salt (35-40 cc water per body pound). in front of cool And at the same time to fight against cellulite, a nice turning watermelon and mint drink is useful: for just 2 people just mix 400 grams of watermelon, the lemon soup, 5-6 fresh mint leaves and 200 ml water. No to packed fruit juice: However, seductive, packaged fruit soups are too concentrated in comparison to the type of fluids we have in our body and can further dehydrate, causing gastrointestinal problems. if you really want to drink them, it is good to water them with water and never cold. Synthetic fiber preference: on Synthetic fiber, polyester and nylon clothing, rather than cotton and linen clothes, but also viscose, allowing our skin to breathe and not raise body temperature. Hollow always protected with a wet hat: The best way to protect your head is to wipe a cotton hat with a stiff rim that is worn just as you walk in the sun or when you expose yourself to the beach. Hungry hanging with snacks, bans forbidden: cOn the other hand, the symptoms of solar radiation and heat are too few and often eaten, but above all, it is good not to over-demand, to digest and therefore to draw more blood into the digestive system, whereby the other organs, including the brain, are removed.

Cold Food Prevents: The temptation to walk with food and drink at very low temperatures is unchangeable with the heat, but can be quite dangerous. This does not mean that we cannot eat ice cream, but that we must dilute it in the mouth before you go to prevent a thermal shock. Prefer fruits and vegetables for childrenSummer is for the youngest the moment of separation of school, days on the beach, outdoor games, but it is also the season in which parents, due to warmth and warmth, must pay special attention to their well-being and their hydration. It is therefore important not to expose them to practice sun and exercise their physical or sporting activities in & # 39; e hot hours; wets his head often and refreshes the whole body, without forgetting to increase the water supply to replace the fluids by sweetening, and favoring a diet rich in fruits and vegetables that are never cold & # 39; a refrigerator. No to excessive and repeated efforts in and out of sun: just for the elevation of temperature and risk of hot flush is better to prevent physical effort and in any case to give preference to air-conditioning and ventilated rooms. Preventing exhausting runs in & quot; sun & quot ;.

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