Monday , November 23 2020

here is what happened to the Tre Torri (Photo)

Marco Liorni

Change of chain reaction guard

A Chain reaction, the Rai Uno night game show has again been a change of guard. Please do Tre Torri They lost the title of champions that they delivered to the trio I don't have the age. In fact, Elisabetta, Serena and Silvia were better than their opponents, especially in the game The Winning Deal.

The three women managed to ride in a minute as much as nine words. While the now ex-champions in it have not arrived disadvantage, with a prize pool of 50 thousand euros in comparison to the 87 thousand of other people. (Continuing to Photo)

The Three Towers say goodbye to the game show, I come in. I don't have the age

In the first part of the game performed by Marco Liorni, both the Tre Torri axis I don't have the age when played on par. The difference was in a musical chain. There the new champions Chain reaction they have proven to have a proper preparation than their opponents, in fact the difference has been seen.

In the game "someone draws the other", the Tre Torri they were wrong, while the new arrivals called, they increased hole of her weakness. So after only a few weeks, the three boys from Bologna had to say goodbye to the Rai Uno game, of which four thousand euro took home. Unfortunately they did not succeed in their market The Three Dropouts, holders of some records of the current season. (Continuing to Photo)

The new champions for Chainreaction are unable to win the jackpot

At the last chain, i I don't have the age arrived with a prize pool of 126 thousand euros. Elisabetta, Serena and Silvia could keep this figure to the very end. Then they were forced to buy an article by halving the jackpot.

However, the three girls did not succeed money for jokes. This gave the new champions Chain reaction will have another chance to try again. Meanwhile, the game program was canceled Marco Liorni keep digging public with respect for competition, ie Free fall by Gerry Scotti.

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