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Hepatitis C, 150,000 patient treatment, "submarine" hunting – medicine

She is 50-55 years old, has had a medical treatment 20-30 years ago, or has sometimes been in dangerous behavior, has never tested, or has had a positive experience with her, even though she has never done so. This is the identification of the patient with hepatitis C infection. Hepatitis C is a major factor in the fight against disease. In Milan, today was discussed at the BeLiver in Milan, an event on liver disease organized by Gilead.
Currently Massimo Puoti of Niguarda Cà Granda Hospital in Milan has more than 150,000 treatments performed by new therapies, but there are many people who know that they have at least a virus but no infection. Thousands of people who are asymptomatic or do not know dozens if they are positive. "Everyone needs to be treated to reduce the health and transmission potential of individuals – it is especially important to treat people with other ancillary diseases, such as tumors, which is especially important because of the reduced side effects that do not have hepatitis. As transaminases are raised, the need to stop treatment is avoided. In addition to general doctoral cooperation, more information will usually be more useful. "
Massimo Galli, president of the Italian Society for Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine (Simit), agrees with the participation of primary care physicians. "Drug addicts and immigrants have a high rate of prisoners, strict drug addicts, and men who are related to other men who need to be educated and wounded, but the key elements are: reaching 50-55 year olds and unconsciously They may be sick, or they may not tell us that they can be treated with great success and extreme comfort, but they do not do preliminary research as they do in other countries. We need to carry out a sensitivity campaign on the subject. "

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