Monday , October 26 2020

Gonzalo only laughed about Juve. Evidence of strength Church. Can you? The doubts of Conte

Highlight, rejoice, laugh, embrace. After a horrible year, Gonzalo Higuain seems to have found happiness again. In black and white, the only colors in which he seems to know how to laugh, these days. The Argentine has a crazy idea in the head: try to convince Sarri that he can be there too. Try to convince Juve that Icardi will be younger, but not even stronger. The social people are of the same opinion, praising the re-discovered Pipita, who would still like it to be on Continassa. The problem, of Higuain and his admirers, is that for the Juventus leadership, at the moment, nothing has changed: the sale has already been decided a year ago, it's not going back on certain steps.

The hope of Pipita, who's not yet convinced to go to Rome, is that the circle of attackers remains blocked. Juve has, from this point of view, a strong position: it can wait for Icardi to the last. For Inter, the youngest Argent is a problem: it has already been devalued, the more time it takes, the less it wins. The Old Lady knows she has the overall taste of & # 39; your player, in & # 39; in case the Inter wall made up to the last could also keep Higuain (even if, for the avoidance of doubt, the intentions are quite different), otherwise for a few centuries leading to Turin the best point of a series A. How will it end? With a good chance, Pipita will convince that Rome may be able to reappear. At that point, the Giallorossi will be soft on you, Inter should inevitably release Icardi. Final note about the sweater number: to & # 39; t Higuain is deleted at & # 39; e 9th is a clear message. At 21st, however, Juve wakes up even more: it's the number of Zidane, Thuram, Pirlo. Giants. We do not think that it was arbitrarily assigned, even if all the indications were on this direction.

Then it's the other rock of the Juventus attack. Where & # 39; t be the first moves: Cuadrado is not yet updated, so what we can talk about shortly, Douglas Costa and Dybala can represent great branding opportunities in consistent case deals, Mandzukic is like detached from Sarri's game when it was central in that of Allegri. In principle: someone, more than one, will salute. And this is also a key that we will touch shortly. We stay a moment over who could come: next to Icardi, to cook on a slow fire, Juve has been to Federico Chiesa for a long time. A test of power is on the battle, with the Bianconeri (very) interested spectators. It may take some time: Fiorentina has not yet hit an incoming shot, it has already handed over Veretout and it is understandable that a new building does not want to present itself in the square by giving the two best players in the field. For this reason, Commisso cannot do anything but allow itself to do everything to abandon the Church. Then he cast a huge responsibility: breaking. To request the transfer, tell the square that it wants the Stadium. It is not much to ask a 22-year-old boy, but on the other hand, the project, realistically and in the most optimistic perspective, separates the need for at least a few seasons to compete for the Champions League . For this reason everything would have to go according to Juve's plans: it will take a while.

We tackle the issue of problems in random order. From a treasure quantified, depending on the observer, from 200 to 300 million, it remains only hypothetical first. A week ago we asked what was happening to the renewal of Cain: it was not written, and in fact the 2000 class depends on the equilibrium, it could start with the right offer. Definitely descending from them would be foolish, but even giving up could be an error: despite some character temperature, it has already shown that it can make a difference in Series A. Why not keep and give more space? Then the others, of Khedira and the mentioned Mandzukic in a perennial outing, to Cancelo today and tomorrow again then tomorrow, by Matuidi continue (at the end he will go away, and for this we committed another Juve hit in the midfield, why reasons of length we will come back to in the next episodes, closed with already mentioned others: Cuadrado, Costa, Dybala. Sales is the toughest task for a good sports director, selling the difference between a good and a champion well. Fabio Paratheis has nothing to prove, but now it comes to & # 39; a hoarizon not seen. From here to the beginning of August, it will be a recurring theme to burn the potential final rush of Italian champions.

A look at the world out there, to say hello. Many Juventus players will already feel a sense of satisfaction when seeing the impatience of Antonio Conte at the Interbank: someone says he's already sorry. Difficult, indeed impossible: propriety is one of the best qualities of & # 39; e Salento technician. Certainly, however, to see the Jiangsu Suning Bale deal with, although its Inter does not take one as its "one", it will not be happy.

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