Saturday , May 28 2022

GM closes plants in the States and claims to say "In grants"


Donald Trump is unhappy about what happened fourteen General Motors. Even so "very disappointed" both by the company and by the director and the guide. The tip that Tycoon can not slip is the closure of some plants. We know how much The Donald has the last election campaign focused on restoration of full employment and employment protection in industrial sectors that are involved in the economic crisis, especially those in & nbsp; the so-called "rustle".

The President of # United States of America does not match GM, which has decided to lock the system to plants that operate in Ohio, Michigan and Maryland. All three of these states also provide qualified water cavities for the upcoming presidential elections when US voters are called to assess the work of a magnate in the first five years. But the leader of Gop will also highlight what General Motors do not: "Nothing – he added, in fact, Twitter – is closed in Mexico & Sina. The US has saved general engines and this is thankful. We evaluate the ability to say all the subsidies. "The consequence that the president has hypothesized, shortly, can change the mind of the car manufacturer's car. loss or 15,000 jobs. The tycoon, shortly, wants to produce American companies in America and does not seem to justify making any kind of allowances.

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