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MILANO – The budget law has not changed: it is the Italian government's challenge to the EU government to give up last night to account for the anticipated deviations from the fiscal strategy of deficit / GDP targets and debt reduction. Brussels rejected the text that had previously requested reconsideration. However, letters sent to the executive committee by the government overnight do not change deficit and GDP targets. Debt can be reduced thanks to a € 18 billion real estate privatization plan.

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The point of the letter is as follows.

The main content is on the promise of the government to reduce the debt / GDP ratio to 126% by 2021, driven by a plan to privatize public assets. "Considering these revenues and the low interest rate due to low debt issues in the market, the decline in debt / GDP ratio is even more pronounced, 0.3 percentage point this year, 1.7 points in 2019 and 1.9 in 2020 "The report we read again will fall from 131.2% in 2017 to 126% in 2021."

Government letter to the EU

Minister of Economy in Brussels text Giovanni Tria Announced that the government will invest billions in 2019 to ensure the safety and maintenance of road networks, overpasses, bridges and tunnel infrastructures. "Arbitration – read – would concern the work realized in the same epoch or the precedent of Morandi bridges".

Di Maio: "The disposal does not include family jewels"

"In the Brussels letter, we wrote to increase the sale of real estate, but we promised to keep the deficit at 2.4%, but the income and pensions, the quota of 100, the refund of the deceased savings will continue unchanged" sign Luigi Dimaio. Divi speaks only of small real estate, saying that Di Maio "do not include family jewels." But according to league sources, the sale accounts for 1% of GDP. "We will take the emergency orders inside Genoa and Ischia home," Di Maio added.

If the government 's growth prospects are not confirmed, the EU' s letter includes a safeguard clause to prevent the deficit from increasing to more than 2.4%, and the rest is property disposal. The rest is "factory political action". We have also identified an expenditure control mechanism. Funds allocated to hydrological instability also increase.

GDP 1.5%

Growth goals remain unchanged. Monday's technical group hearings unanimously set unanimous goals in the latest update of macro estimates, taking into account the very different numbers the federal government has proposed (in 2019, the government increased 1.5 percent)


Reaction to the EU, the final duel: Salvini stops the opening of Tria.

Merkel: "Individual Choice Affects Everyone"

Also in Germany, the same administration watches Italy in different attitudes. Minister Angela MerkelThe European Parliament reminded the concept of collective responsibility. In the EU, "financial stability as the basis of a single currency respects the responsibility for financial stability of every single member" in the sense that "individual and individual decisions affect everyone".

According to Merkel, "solidarity is with responsibility for the whole community." "Italy is the founding country of the EU and has set rules with other countries," he said in a budget law. "It is important to find a solution and it is important to carry out Italy in dialogue with the Commission. I said it.

A kind of defense against the intentions of Lega and M5s came from the Secretary. Olaf Scholz, The owner of finance: "Maybe we can not reach everything, but maybe we can think in a somewhat European way … who is a successful industrial economy in the recently established EU countries, the government has long- The government is going to do this, maybe you want to go with it, but you can not face the fact that you want to solve a problem like society. & # 39; Please answer. "

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