Monday , January 17 2022

Freedom of the Press, Journalist Flash Mob for Information Defense – Chronicle


Reporters from all over Italy to keep the freedom of pressure. The National Press Federation is recruited from colleagues in Brussels and London and organized a flash mob in the local capital, "Get the information out of your hands". Unanimous chorus behind a square Declaration of Luigi Di Maio and Alessandro Di Battista For journalists who have been acquitted for the Virginia Raggi

Position taken at major institutional positions yesterdayCommunication assurance agency. "All attacks on media organizations are at risk of harming the constitutional principles of free expression of ideas on the basis of the pluralism of information and the rights of news and criticism," he said.

The main events in Rome, Piazza dei Santi Apostoli, leaders of the federation and Milan Via Vio. In addition, there is also a wide range of cultural attractions, including Ancona, Aosta, Bari, Bologna, Bolzano, Cagliari, Campo Vasso, Florence, Genoa, Naples, Palermo, Perugia, Pescara, Potenza, Reggio Calabria, Torino, Trieste, Venice. The reaction of the 5 star movement was not delayed.

"Freedom of information is guaranteed, above all, by improving the working conditions of journalists, especially underfade journalists, at the expense of exploitation" Luigi Dimaio In the video of the social network, Fair compensation " For journalists. "The press should be free," Di Maio added. "There is a bill proposing so-called incentives. Pure publisher"A person without political or economic interest." "People who say Berlusconi today about dictatorship make me laugh a little bit," says Di Maio, who represents a political class that cleans up journalists such as Biagi, Luttazzi, and Santoro when they are in government. "Then we are Bannell, Giannini, We lived in the Renzian era dispatched by Rethi, Floris, Mesalie, and Rai, and we defended them. "

"He left. Cooperative, childish, pathetic, hypocritical defense, Compliant and unproductive for some parts of the media system – Alessandro di Batista -. To know how to apologize for the lie that pride and bad faith are written in the light, to censor the treaty of the dying system of defense systems, and to acknowledge neoliberalism and all wickedness. "If I am a journalist, I will keep myself away from those who invent facts and aim at targets," Attorney General Alfonso Bonafede added.

There are all stops here.

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