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Fifteen year torture, 4 miners in cell. The lock file: "We put you on fire"


On 4 minutes arrested and killed in 15 years:

It ends with the arrest of four boys, the story of '15 years old Varese That was locked up two weeks ago, locked in a garage, wounded, threatened and threatened with death to refuse to give a friend of the popularity of a popular debt of a few euro, 40, gathered for a few grams of marijuana.

Famous and miserable young investigated four high school students

This morning, the Mobile Team has filed three prosecutions in the prison which was signed by the magistrate of minors of Milan Zelante, which also validated the arrest and dismissed in # 39; The cells also included the fourth young man, born in Côte d'Ivoire and considered the band's head, last past Tuesday stopped because of a "concrete" danger to escape. According to research by the minority members of the minor Sabrina Ditaranto and the president Ciro Cascone, the four, now already in Beccaria, last November 9, have been affected by the effects of one or more complaints about their victims before Anna Frank's junior school He is not going to go straight into a box: there is the boy, "he refuses to coordinate his friend," after they are connected to a steel chair, "remained" Around three hours were spared and injured and wounded: "shaved, wound and shooed" would "put cold water and flowing soap over his eyes." Moreover, they were with the blotch of a knife "rested on untold "that they had threatened him" to say his finger "and then" put him in & # 39; Fire and keep it apart "until the bitter end, until death."

Upon arriving, she started picking up her cellphone and called an earring he was wearing. Liberation "was solely dismissed in the fight of further beatings and repeated promises of 'silent' threats, however, would remain until November 13 when the job had seen the money The children, all the Italians, except one, between 14 and 15 years old and present from the middle or the first, would have been able to have a "non-regular" course and would belong to this category. The investigator judges in his provision writes that the "serious" affair, in the background the small store has, "is present in the absence of a lifestyle , a complete treaty for respecting the & # 39; the rules of civil cohesion, of a barbarization of a system of values ​​in which the person and humanity no longer meaning than meaning.

Moreover, for the judge even the same guidelines of # 39; to condemn a high social hazard, causing the suspects in a pack with a fury and a cruelty that their parents surprised. "In Folder", before deciding on the type of & quot; (…), the young handball players will "leave the garage to discuss and evaluate" the complaint of & quot; t times. "Safety reports are expected for the next week.

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