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Fabrizio Corona a Verissimo / "Francesco Totti agrees with me in the fight against Ilary Blasi"


The fight between Fabrizio Corona and Ilary Blasi was one of the main themes in a new interview with Verissimo. In this regard, guests of Silvia Toffanin explained Francesco Totti's article and posted it on his Instagram profile. So he admitted: "Francesco Totti agrees with me in the fight against Ilary," Silvia Toffanin told Mike. But he said, "This is your truth." Corona replied: "It's not my truth, I heard that Francesco was wrong with my wife, which is why I wrote a famous apple post in Instagram." So it's not an excuse for Roman fans, as many people have believed. "I am not afraid." In fact, the ex-king of Paparazzi wanted to clarify the ex-king who said he would gladly reveal it with the same Ilary Blasi. (Anna Montesano's update)

The night of Asia Silver and its passion …

Verissimo finally talks about his relationship with Asia Argento and Fabrizio Corona. "When I entered the Big Brother Vip I already saw it – the ex-king of the paparazzi said – we met at his house I saw her in the afternoon and I went into the house" "Asia has met me for a few days and she knows better than I know, for 50 years." I fancy it very much, I wrote one thing. She cried out my book, buying all of my books and talking about it, I dedicate this book to her, and I wrote to her: & # 39 You are in God, and I want to come back to believe it again. "Finally, "We were deep, it was good, lasted for an hour, but it was not sex …". (Anna Montesano's update)

Sylvia Topanin's tribute

Silvia Toffanin tells and tells about the declarations made by Fabrizio Corona of Blary and Nicola Savino after she tried to restrain herself slightly. Corona clearly states: "It was a fact that I had a catastrophe later on.If they told me that they had lowered the audio, I thought about the six-year trials, it was a media pillar.I wanted to talk but both sides wanted it.I feel that when I get angry, Silvia says enough, "but luckily they talk about you, or nobody knows who Fabrizio Corona is, you can not be offended by it." He mentioned what he said about Savino. I say. But Corona says she's sorry in this case. "I did not apologize, I did not actually see it because I did not see it, I apologize for Savino, he is right, in this case I am really wrong." (Anna Montesano's update)

New Declaration on Illinois Blasier

In an interview with Verissimo, it is impossible for Fabrizio Corona to contest Ilary Blasi. Silvia Toffanin shows a video of the dispute between the two to the Big Brother VIP again, this time with all the words of Corona well subtitled. "I think this is one of the saddest scenes on television – Fabrizio begins – the conductor thinks that the network that can do this work is one of the most serious things on earth. The host would have been expelled from the program. "However, Silvia Toffanin pointed out that Blasi wanted to emphasize the veto problem, but Corona disagrees. "It is not true that he spoke of veto, he expressed moral judgment about me and can not do it in the public network! He insulted me on the social network after insulting me on TV!" (Anna Montesano's update )

"SILVIA PROVVEDI? That's why I do not love you."

In the Verissimo episode of today, the interview space with Fabrizio Corona begins early. We start talking about meeting at the home of Silvia Provvedi and Big Brother Vip. "I did not go home to win Sylvia because I do not want her anymore, Debut – it was actually a miracle we were able to part with. She gave me too much emotional level, I grew up. I know that you can not deal with the problems and you can not handle my family. "Fabrizio said he does not like Silvia, but he got angry at the House robbery. "I was convinced that it was her, they had a great burglary at home, and there were special things that only two people knew about." – Explanation – Two days before the House Admission, I knew who the guilty party was and questioned the police. She is my best friend, she opened the door to thieves! "(Anna Montesano's update)

Warnings for CECCHI PAONE

Fabrizio Corona returns to the main character to tell Verissimo about his long life. The king of Paparazzi will have to tell a lot about how his relationship with Silvia Provvedi of Casa del Grande Fratello in the new sentimental situation of Asia Argento. And in the meantime, she could not help but realize what happened in Italy 's most passionate house. Silvia Provvedi is referring to the clash with Alessandro Cecchi Paone in connection with Fabrizio Corona. The conductor regarded the woman's example as the "worst" and did not miss Corona's warning in the face of this statement. Fabrizio warned Alexander of republishing his friend's message. "You run away on time!". What will happen now? (Anna Montesano's update)


Fabrizio Corona to Verissimo He will say something he did not expect to say. This is a live interview from Instagram a few hours ago and he invited everyone to participate in Channel 5 after 4 pm for his interview "all but everyone". Former king of paparazzi ton of living room Sylvia topanin The same man he chose to apologize to Providencei before he entered the Big Brother house and before Asia Argento arrived in his life. Himself revealed: "I did not expect them to make me say a few things, I passed without censorship and found that everything I said would be broadcast.I am a person I admire and today I am very attached, Silvia Toffanin Host, thank you in my heart. "What is his truth this time? What did he make the master say? From the fight against Ilary Blasi to the new relationship with Asia Argento, Fabrizio Corona will talk about many topics without going overboard. In addition, there is a post by Gioia Sonia, social media manager and historical collaborator in social media. Gioia Sonia admitted that it is not a good time for them but they can not defend what happened between them. Cecchi Paone and Silvia Provvedi And (Example) Free attack against friend: "It's not a beautiful moment between me and Fabrizio, and clearly this post will get misunderstood … Do you know who Fabrizio really is? I do not think … You know how much they loved each other. I do not think. When love gave her and her to him. I do not think. Do you think you are an example for society?".

The relationship with SILVIA PROVVEDI and THEFT is over

Especially, Fabrizio Corona He will start by talking about the end of his relationship. Sylvia Provide Describe how you spoke to Verissimo (or never loved her), but how she said she was not going home to apologize and apologize. "I was very upset about what happened a few days before coming to Verissimo. They created great thieves at home, and only two people knew the special things that were placed in a particular place. About fifteen days before joining Gf, I confessed to the police that I knew who was there, and I was dissatisfied with the investigation."According to what Corona said, this is his. A mysterious "Roman" friend opened the door to the thief. The only thing he expected of Sylvia was forgiveness and hugging and at least a promise to be friends. Corona also spoke about the conflict with Illy Blash (friend of Toffanin), as he was a famous evening into the house, As for the point, I admit not to be angry with her, and even if I met her, I would like to embrace her. "The exchange of opinions will never happen with her, but I think it is one of the worst scenes I can see on television. The host must be a super partes. I said those things and I was wrong in the way and the tone. Because Eriga made his debut, he expressed personal and moral judgment about me. You can not do it in the air."Francesco Totti knows exactly what Corona has done wrong about her, so you'll know what's going to happen next for her.

History of Asia with Argento

The long interview with Verissimo begins with a new blend of futures and ends by talking about the present and the future. Nina Morick Carlos and his family. He acknowledged that the only friction involved his son's famous Instagram profile, but he asked his father not to reveal anything and he respected his will. Morick, on the other hand, used only vital words. "I can not believe it, Mother Carlos is calm and she has found the balance." The final chapter is love and follow-up with Asian Argento. She admitted to having met twice, but she is ready to follow her everywhere. Corona admits to her love for 20 minutes after meeting her at the office, "She is a woman to me." We were in turmoil, and both suffered. I know better than the people who have always been with me in the 15 days we've met. Because we are similar, there is inner pain that is difficult to understand. "But as for his feelings, sooner or later she does not give a tip because she admits." Asia is different from other girls.

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