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Emergency Rule Procedures – Genoa decree to amend the statute and amendment. Italy

Senate Hall

Senate Hall

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Rome – The Senate Synagogue concluded a vote on amendments to the Genoa statute and other emergencies. The meeting will be resumed at 9.30 tomorrow for a final vote on the explanation and provision of the ballot. Most relevant political data Denial of amendments to building slopes in Ischia. It was approved by the Senate committee in grillini's vote, which is dissatisfied with the same content that was announced by Forza Italia yesterday.

The revised bill today rejected 200 votes, 75 votes, and 1 abstention. We have returned to the first sentence of the article and have left reference to and application of 85 laws (n.47) of applications for property damaged by earthquakes a year ago.

The majority of tension

The majority were able to overcome the accident of yesterday: «Voting is going well.»Minister of Infrastructure Danilo Tonielli Palace of Madama leaves the hall. In the table of M5s, Dissident greeting As many Pentastellated representatives today, including Secretary of State Riccardo Fraccaro, remember today, Disciplinary procedure That can lead toExpulsion from exercise. Senator Gregory de FalcoToday, the protagonist of the "reversal" of the committee and petitioner last night repeatedly asserted and confirmed the attitude of parliament to define itself in the amendment class against the amnesty of his colleague, Isapia. & # 39; Consistent & # 39; In addition to claiming to have received a lot of support statements at the grillina base, De Falco must point out that any lawsuit against him should start with the formalization of the complaint. contradiction. Another counter-product Elena Fattori,
That post «The M5s currently have a climate of psychological terrorism.».


Unlike yesterday, in addition to voting on amendments to amnesty, the National Assembly Day was not provided. Some fingers, In spore Italy, due to the choice of the Campanian legislator, the decision came back to the dispute with the election on the amnesty in Ischia. «Repairs» After voting Anna Maria Bernini gave her parents the freedom to vote.

Toni duri, the parent company of the Democratic Party, Andrea Marcchi «Intervened by blamingThe majority of figures This included the Janoa porcherie on the slope of Ischia, using tragedies such as the collapse of the Moussainti bridge. And exactly to this, in the voting declaration, Former Prime Minister Renzi has promised to "work hard"..

Government representatives have declined criticism from the Democratic Party for the vice ministerial meeting. Vito creamy"There is no amnesty. They say about the lie: The restricted field can not be edited, and once this process is over, there will be a thousand safe houses in Ischia.

As for the timing of the ratification, after a day's rapid recall of the hypothesis of trust and the end of the vote on the amendment that arrived in the evening, the final decision was made by Riccardo Fraccaro, Tomorrow at 12 o'clock». Fraccaro expresses satisfaction: "We I am satisfied with the text to be approved..

We are talking about 1 billion euros for Liguria.

Pinotti (Pd): Stereotypes are the government's inability to fault.

Senator Pd Roberta Pinotti intervened in the Senate's work: "The reason why I can not move a stone under the Peony Bridge for these 60 days depends on the fact that the concession for the Otro Ross trade has not been removed from the statute. Toninelli and Pastor Di Maio forged it and at the same time said that Autostrade was not able to intervene in any way.This error has been changed in the House of Representatives.Now these changes are approved by the Senate . If the statute was well written, this problem would not have happened. Government officials must know it. All of this is effective and only the inability of the government. "

Pastorino (Leu): Cities forgotten by M5S
"Genoa is the only victim in the Genoa statute, and I do not have to worry if De Falco or any other person is tried, deported or abolished by the leaders of the M5S, No one is interested in improving the clause at all. Unfortunately, This government sees everything in terms of propaganda.I ignore specific problems. "Luka Pastorino, the presidential secretary at the Liberal and Equal Chamber, said.

Rixi: «You can not start reconstruction without the approval of the Senate»

"The reconstruction has not started tomorrow but left yesterday." But without the Chamber, special commissioners who can do any kind of intervention for the demolition and reconstruction of Genoa can not exercise their powers yet. ». This is underlined by Edoardo Rixi, Vice Minister of Homeland Security, who spoke at the Senate Chamber in a general discussion of Genoa legislation and other emergencies. So the league's loans did so. "I appeal to the senator's sense of responsibility. From the point of view of specific and expeditious operations, the purpose of this act is "to hope that this act will lead to the greatest consensus" Provide commissioners with the tools they need. We will quickly resume an important part of the national economy. "

Furlan (CISL): «enough to delay»

«3 months ago Moran Didi collapsed: 43 people lost their lives. Genoa wounded his heart. And then many promises. When is the statute finally approved so that the chairperson can begin work? CISL says enough about this delay ». CISL Secretary General Annamaria Furlan reminded me of the tragedy of Genoa in the autumn of August 14th, just three months after leaving a post on Twitter.

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