Saturday , September 25 2021

Dr. Mario World will close its doors on iOS and Android from November 1, 2021 –

Dr. Mario World will close its doors November 1, 2021 on iOS e Android: Nintendo announced it with a press release thanking all users who supported the game.

As written in our review of Dr. Mario World, this is a fun puzzle game with a long campaign and a gameplay unlike previous episodes of the series, more dynamic and faster.

However, the title also stands as one of Nintendo’s biggest failures of recent times: launched in July 2019, it could not generate revenue close to the other mobile games of the Japanese house.

The closure of November 1 means that from that date it will no longer be possible to work with Dr. Mario World to play, while the purchase of diamonds is inhibited well in advance, with effect from 28 July.

The only thing you can do after the end of the service is to consult your game history on a site specifically launched by Nintendo.

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