Saturday , December 4 2021

Dolce & Gabbana sell to China – Fashion


In a video clip on the Chinese social network Wiebo, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana make culpa after the events leading to the depiction of their fashion show in Shanghai. Here are the contrasts of one of the greatest difficulties that have been left by the Italian duo in all their history

"In these days, we have a lot of great and big jumps to what has happened". These are the words of Domenico Dolce recorded in a video broadcast on the Chinese Social Network Weibo following the controversy that originated in China that leads to the capture of Dolce & Gabbana's fashion in Shanghai and a wave of controversy, the market does not only threaten China alone but internationally. "Our families have taught our respect for other cultures," the designer will continue, and we want to make it possible for you to make it possible for you to interact in your interpreters.
Do not return to the alleged attack of hackers (who would send racist messages and then the real sword of Damocles will be on the head of the duo) Stefano Gabbana asks him to say a few culpa that "we also want for all Chinese in the world, we take great credit for this debt and this message. "
"We have always been in love with China, we have kept your culture and we will learn so much more, so we ask ourselves if we have made a mistake in our way to express," Dolce lacks. "We will estimate this experience, and it will never happen again, indeed: we will try to do better", Gabbana claims to do, along with Dolce, an apology in Chinese language.

Incubators, cultural respect and the importance of China

It is the first time that the duo is published and visible in a video, making it to adjust its errors. The latter, though in a different way, came in an interview with CNN after the declaration against the children born in test tubes (released in a Italian weekly), news that all international social media and many people had the world . Today, however, the contours and modalities of the story are completely different. China is not an important market, but the important brand for luxury. More: in the days before the parade, Domenico Dolce had international journalists about their respect for & # 39; The culture of others was found, however, how he did not make any stance on Muslims and people in # 39; view the recent Dubai fashion show, in service, to understand and make aesthetic love for her history and his Sicily. The slide on video 's that has an unpleasant humor used for Chinese culture and the offensive words of # 39; The chat on Instagram, namely diametrically opposed to the proclamation of designer and even the collections of Dolce & Gabbana.

The future of Dolce & Gabbana

Hard to understand what is happening: within 24 hours after the merchandise of Shanghai show the major Chinese e-commerce websites and YAP's YAP (Yoox and Netap) platforms all the products of & # 39; abolishing the Italian market while they are continuing to disappear the protests on social media and outside the boutiques in the world. The coming weeks will be light on the development of these facts that are risky & # 39; s is a boomerang even for all Made in Italy, such as the return of Carlo Capasa, the chairman of the National Chamber of Fashion. Meanwhile, the next appointment of Domenico and Stefano for the three days of Haute Couture planned in Milan from 7 to 9 December: perhaps it is time to discover the new course and restore the other initiatives by the duo to the top of the designing parliament and the international tax that they had built with great efforts in these long years of activities.

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