Monday , November 23 2020

Dietrofront Count: the Tav is made. A dead end for Toninelli

Giuseppe Conte now stands out a clear position silent. The Prime Minister is now entering a Facebook message that Turin-Lyon must do. His words give some interpretations: "Failure to make the Tav would cost much more. I say this is of national interest. This is the position of the government"said the prime minister. Then, in fact, the prime minister tells about the public finds that have been and will be targeted for the work:"I represent a government supported by two political forces that think the opposite way. The priority is to protect the interests of citizens"but why "It's in the game is a lot of money, that is you, and must be managed with extreme care. It must be managed if you allow me, as a good family member would do".

In short, the prime minister turns right on & # 39; e Back and left the sounds of & # 39; a "no" that he had taken a few months ago. In short, the prime minister married the line of "League" which for a while regretted the realization of the work. Even today, the Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, was the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Danilo Toninelli: "It seems clear to me and of course that the Tav will be done. Or the minister escapes it – says Salvini with a clear reference to Toninelli – or I do not understand what he is doing at the government"And according to some reports reported by the Adnkronos, the Minister of Infrastructure could take a step back to the OK from the Prime Minister to the major railroad. a minister, Toninelli, for a while, along with the thirty, is in & # 39; search in & # 39; a Carroccio for a possible resume. For the time being, the first case hypothesis is far away in time. Salvini is sometimes under pressure, while others are reluctant to change the balance in any government. But the feeling is that with a "yes" at Tav by Palazzo Chigi, Toninelli would remain isolated in his battle.

The minister was also dumped by a party fellow, Senator Alberto Airola, who's under the grillini is the largest representative of the No Tav specimens. Airola claimed to be more confident than Conte instead of Toninelli himself. But the opening of our premier this evening on this bright face of & # 39; e Tav will be a hard battle to even deepen Airola. In short, the Five Stars on the Tav risk exposure as a split. Eventually Salvini comments: "The Tav will be done, as is law and as always requested by the League. Sorry for the lost time, now runs to unlock all other construction sites".

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