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Di Maio's card yellow


Where he took the promotional card Luigi Dimaio? When relations between the deputy prime minister and the journalist are in a state of tension, demand explodes wildly. Some Democratic members, such as Ettore Rosato and Emanuele Fiano, have already pointed to leaders and collaborators of people who seem to be Di Maio's rejected card.

Gabriella Bellini, the director of the Web-based website, has cooperated with the Pentastelato leader in the 2013 parliament until the election. "I know that Luigi never would have said that, and I know the sacrifices they made, and for this reason the journalists in the local newspapers have surprised me and hurt me, I was bad today. We need to know what it means in a difficult area, "says Bellini. He explains: "Di Maio worked as a webmaster, was not with us who brought the publicist, came here as an engineer, and was at the dawn of online journalism." In the archives of the head of the species there are four articles that Young Di Maio wrote. One is Pomigliano d ' The other is the "San Felice" on the shoulders of refugees in Arco, and the hacker's latest attack on documentaries and websites about Alfa Romeo. The Pomigliano municipality.

Among the card candidates, the Internet site Pomigliano d '# 39; There was Paese Futuro, a newspaper distributed free by Arco. In the latter case, there is no trace even when searching from the web archive. At the time, the publisher, Francesco Di Rienzo, Giornalettismo: "There were several collaborators that year, but Luigi Di Maio was not among them, he is not an editorial staff." Even Anna Paola Bove, who appeared in a newspaper from 2004 to 2013, denied that she had not remembered Dimaio from here unless she had actual amnesia and did not take cards or write articles.

But on October 4, 2007, who gave Di Maio the opportunity to register with the journalists of Campania as public relations representatives? Remind yourself that you need to write at least 70 articles that have been paid for at least two consecutive years with one or more newspapers registered with the court.

But what is this title?

Rousseau Di Maio wrote in his curriculum that "September 2012 documentary" Commerce "made its debut in a movie screening, filmed with a dear friend who criticized the dramatic situation of small merchants in my city. In addition to being a video producer that year, I also wrote about local events as a PR person. Next to the candidate is the blog, which is a Chinese site where the documentary mentioned above is published But blogs are difficult to become registered journals.

The date your order was registered in 2007 means that Di Maio started writing articles about local news in 2005, or 19. It was during his college years that he founded and led the site, a newsletter for college information. (Among other things, the magazine was born in November 2006, and the time between registration and articles did not match). ) Among other things, he showed liberalism in other times by writing an article criticizing nationalization, he wanted to sell Alitalia to the French, branded a fixed position, and boasted that he could get public funds through the magazine. Federico II Naples University.

In the end, there is no doubt. In fact, according to Corriere della Sera, we have been tested at the Giugliano headquarters in Naples Court on July 14, 2001, to give Di Maio the opportunity to take the card.

According to director Mauro Fellico, young Di Maio attached sports articles related to amateur football. However, journalists' orders do not keep files submitted by enthusiastic public relations personnel, and there is no evidence of a sculpture on the Internet. You do not understand why you do not mention minions that are not sports or punt lines that you need to talk to in your curriculum only about local news stories and be somewhat grateful.

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