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"Conversions with Juncker can remove a breach procedure"


A non-resolutionary meeting that hope will open. "I am confident that this dialogue can lead to preventing the procedure, I'm always ambitious, it's the synthesis that Giuseppe Conte concludes at the end of the event that the dialogue has just started with the President of # 39; EU Commission Jean Claude Juncker on the Maneuver, but it is not the beginning, and the time to prevent the beginning of the application for multiple debt is very small, but the Prime Minister is pleased about the meeting that he has the groundwork for a new confrontation "The meeting reacts the opening of a dialogue in a climate of respect, we have to speak," Conte said in a press release on # 39; the end of the dinner that was visited by the direct involvement involved in public dossiers: Europe, the heads of economic affairs of Dombrovskis and Moscovici, For Italy, the Minister of Economy Giovanni Tria.

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Before the fifth dinner, Conte and Juncker had a memorial of twenty minutes. An interview that served to test the readiness of Luxembourg against the government: no reduction, yes, the Commission always tries to help countries, as included in the & # 39; In recent days, but surely it is expected that the shows look. Both, that end of & # 39; the end of & # 39; Conte explains: "This exchange" with President Jean Claude Juncker "had a positive aspect: we both agree that the tone should be empty and trust that the breadth is due to make the boost. This is important, we're told that the high tone is watching up ".

For the rest "It was not a decisive meeting," the Prime Minister gives. But "the step forward is re-opening the opening of a dialogue" between Italy and the EU. It was not so cautious, in fact, after the first formal step taken by the Commission last Wednesday after the opening of a suspended procedure. And now it is waiting for the Eurozone governments to take care of the second step, which is the beginning of the process that can first lead to the request for a corrective maneuver and then to guilty sanctions. But Conte is satisfied. "The climate has reached me continuing on constructive dialogue. The dialogue will take place tomorrow or tomorrow, will come in the coming days and will develop in the coming weeks," he says. And even a spokesperson for the Commission speaks of a work that "will continue to come in the coming days to seek their respective points closer together and to look for an outline of perspective". A formula that does not look ugly or not. Also, it is not enough to convince only the Commission, but also the other Eurozone States, where the hawks are awake and as many as in the election campaign.

Conte will try to open a dialogue with it, and it explains that some exchanges will still be tomorrow morning at Brexit Top. However, with the Commission, "no definitive balance" was discussed. And the position was recreated to "qualification" measures of the government. "Of course, I did not create the reforms," ​​said the Prime Minister, reporting what was discussed in the meeting. And the Deputy Prime Minister Salvini is pleased with twitter, immediately after the Brussels evening: "Do not make it back, go ahead!"

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