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Casirate d '# 39; Adda, Amazon has opened the Sort Center: 400 new places – Chronicle


Amazon center

Casirate d '# 39; Adda (Bergamo), October 31, 2018 – A very promising day has come: This morning, that is inauguration New thing Amazon Logistics Hub DCasirate d '# 39; Adda, The new center, which was announced in January in Bergamo, will cover 400,000 square meters and will create 400 new jobs in the next three years. The site will support small and medium-sized independent companies that decide to sell products on Amazon or use the distribution channels provided by the company, and will strengthen the sorting and delivery activities of Northern Italy. Among the products purchased from

"Inauguration ceremony of the new Casirate site An additional step for Amazon's growth in Italy, We were the first to create jobs eight years ago. "Our goal this year is to create 1,700 new jobs," said Tareq Rajjal, director of transport for Amazon in Southern Europe.

Since arriving in Italy in 2010, Amazon has invested 1 billion euros to create more than 3,500 new jobs in Italy and 5,200 by the end of the year. The Castel San Giovanni distribution center, the first Italian logistics center in the Amazon, opened in 2011. In November 2015, Amazon opened a city distribution center to serve Amazon Prime Now customers in Milan. In 2017, the Amazon distribution center has entered Passo Corese (RI) and Vercelli has entered the business. Over the last two years, Amazon has been working with Castel San Giovanni and Brandizzo (TO), Origgio (VA), Rogoredo and Buccinasco (MI), Burago di Molgora (MB), Crespellano (BO), Calenzano (FI), Vigonza (RI), Fiano Romano and Magliana (RM). In November 2017, Amazon relocated its office to Milan in a 17,500 square-meter building in the emerging Porta Nuova area. There is plenty of storage space behind.

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