Tuesday , November 30 2021

Black Friday, 5 tips for not included in required shop – Leisure


Attractive offers and expiring, The black Friday begins the shopping center: cyber Monday, christmas discounts, January sales … Or in physical stores or special online the buyer risk at these occasions to become a source of fear. It can be a true patology – compulsive corner syndrome – longing for any cost to buy something, convince us that it serves or abides, that it is a unique and unrepeatable opportunity: the risk is to get rid of rationality and not knowingly send you.
"Incorrect shopping is a clinical condition characterized by an irresistible impulse to buy a strong emotional tension product, so it does not even after the purchase, or distorted, but for a whole short period and then the same intensity. Pathological dependence, in general, is the result of a complex bridal of biological, psychological, social and cultural factors. More specifically, the basis of this misguided behavior is a healing psychological and emotional investment to the desirable The story of 'deceiving buyer' – explains the psychologist Emanuela Napoli – is that of a person who is not very happy and very unsafe, relaxing on Different fronts in his life, this breakthrough and this permeability make it even more sensitive to advertising messages and enough to buy items that are all in The needle is not really needed. "

Here are some suggestions to convince:

1) Save awareness: The problem should not be underestimated, but aimed. Recruiting is the first step to get out. We have to ask ourselves: "can not I do it?", "Is this purchase useful?", "Can I learn it?". Before a purchase these questions are used to get rationality and not to satisfy the euphoria and instinct that the moment goes

2) Engagement of your time: The benefit of free time to carry out lifelong and motivating activities, such as pursuing a course, doing sports, reading, learning a new language, listening to music, learning a musical instrument. They are all activities that inspire the mind, strengthen self-worth and help not free time and apathy with shopping too much.

3) Reduce online capabilities: If the network is a bunch and buy an invoice, limit the use of the PC, tablet or smartphone. Make your credit card registration details registration to prevent the purchase of automatic purchases and install the relevant apps.

4) Understanding the budget: If you make purchases, you must bring a budget of money. This ensures you have everything under control and understand what is really needed

5) Ask for help: talking with a trusted friend or family member about this problem. Are not afraid to start writing and tell. If necessary, you will manage the credit card management to a relative. To better understand and reason the reasons for this add-ons, consult a therapist who will be a scholarly guide.

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