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Beverley Jaundrill hides the tumor for 13 years: it knows more than 4 kilograms

How can it be that your cancer has? Truly all dreams and security – at least in the first measure – go away. And although we know that in most medicines a few benefits – especially with immune therapy – we are quite aware of the fact that the treatments are still hard. In fact, many patients are chemotherapy, often more than the same disease. And it's just what happened with a 53-year-old woman, although not treated, preventing cancer in her body. And he did it for 13 years.

Strange by the therapies

It was not difficult to understand that he had cancer. After the appearance of a small nodule, it was initially visible, it was also started to restore. With the transition from time to time, the knife grew and began to suffer too much. But the woman was cautious not to be seen by her doctor. He would live a life of simplicity with chemotherapy. "I knew it was not there, but I was afraid and I did not, it was very painful and very heavy, I had to put my hand under the tumor to carry it, I also had a bad cough. Specific size, it also grew out of the outside of the body of my body, so I could not get normal top, says the woman.

Story for 13 years

The patient, named Beverley Jaundrill, was waited for over 13 years before she was seen by a doctor. The problem was not sustainable: the tumor was visible and reached a weight of four kilograms. The tremendous weight was forbidden to keep them in hands when they moved and lay, causing them to suffer from severe pain.

Under the clothes

For years she managed to hide the great mass under her clothes, just wide. After so many years, he removes something unlucky, so he made the difficult decision: contact the Royal Liverpool Hospital and try to understand his Diagnosis it was precisely. Unfortunately, in a short time, the doctors confirmed that it was just a soreness of abortion – a malignant tumor.

the operation

The mass was so great that the only logical solution would be to remove the tumor surgically. Meanwhile, the mass was put on a scale: it wanted 4.1 kilos. "I was really aware of the operation that I would always ask if I would later be raised again. But I had a wonderful stay and could not ask anymore – everyone was so beautiful to me. Everybody with a blow they are worried, my advice is to check the frost and not let it go. ". The surgery went well, now the woman's heartbeat of normal life, but should have a criminal appeal to try to avoid the risk of coming back.

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