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Ballot papers Rome, Gualtieri and Michetti close the election campaign. The direct


We are at the end of the election campaign for the challenge around ballot paper of Rome. The two candidates have chosen to close the electoral marathon in the squares of the historic center of the capital: Enrico Michetti to Piazza Campo de ‘Fiori e Roberto Gualtieri in Piazza del Popolo.

Ballottaggio Rome, Gualtieri-Michetti: now yachts are hunted for undecided

Roberto Gualtieri

“Rome cannot be handed over to talk only about rubbish and potholes. Rome is a major European capital. We need to go back to being main characters in the great challenges of change, from the concept of how you should be to a city. We will make a pact for development and employment. We will support companies to create jobs, but at the same time we will ask everyone for quality work. We will ask for contracts for young people who deserve the name, not for internships, ‘said the center-left candidate for mayor.

“I thank Nicola Zingaretti for his friendship and dedication, for the great work he has done, not only for the election campaign. He made us understand that we were the best with good politics and seriousness, not only in Italy but in Europe. , in the vaccination campaign “, added Gualtieri. “The answer that Rome has to give is not biased, it is the answer that we will give with the constitution in one hand and the tricolor in the other, giving a signal of a united civil reaction.”

Gypsies: “Thank you Roberto! Until three months ago nothing was taken for granted, but we managed to unite. The Rome we love is fighting. Now is the time for the final promise to win these elections. We are all called to an extraordinary promise: to fight for Rome. “Lazio Governor Nicola Zingaretti said this from the stage in Piazza del Popolo before the end of the Gualtieri election campaign.” Those who made other choices in the first round “We need to meet her friend, the expert who helps her decide to go and vote. We need to be co-stars in an adventure that changes this city,” he added. “We want to take the feeling of fear out of the city and replace it with hope. We speak with the pride of Rome.”

Enrico Michetti

“In this election campaign, I have understood many things. I understand that there is a lot of devotion in this city, a great desire to be born again and rise again. There are so many good people. And I understand why we opponents are afraid: no, we will win, but that, if we win, we will govern well, “Michetti said during the rally. , while in Paris they had given 44 billion. They had forgotten the Jubilee – added Michetti -. They talk about infrastructure, but the “Rome” metros are not included in the PNRR. As it is clear – Michetti underlined – the decisions were taken from Brussels and not for the city of Rome “

Berlusconi: “The future of your city, your families, your children and grandchildren is at stake. The left has ruled Rome for many years and you and your families have paid for it and paid for its inability and mistakes. It’s time for a change. You have to do it for yourself, for your children, for the city you love so much. But the change, the change is entirely up to you. You have to go and vote. Even those who have already voted and those who have not, in particular. “So called the leader of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi, the closing demonstration of the center-right.

“And you are so many. It is not possible that in an advanced democracy like ours, half of the voters stay at home. And what’s more, these voters are mostly middle-right voters. And do not go and complain about the bad management of the municipal administration if instead of the good government of the center-right there will still be a bad government of the left.The blame will be yours, only you.Therefore? Go vote! Go vote! Go vote! And let your family, your friends, your acquaintance, your friends and girlfriends vote too. And if, without going to the polls, you still have Rome of today, you can not complain: you will. only take with yourself those who have not done your duty as voters in a democracy like ours. I have many other things to tell you, but I’m ready to go here. Come on Rome, go on Romans, go on Michetti and of course go to Italy! Go vote! ».

Salvini: “Like they say in Varese, Daje. We need a little big miracle: sometimes David wins against Goliath, they bet everything, the newspapers, the tanks. Gualtieri is the system. I feel we can win.” is the leader of the Lega Salvini, in connection with the closing demonstration of the center-right campaign. “During these hours, many consciences are awakened. Nobody will divide the center-right: we want to rule Rome, Lazio and the country. I believe victory is within reach. ”

Melon: “It was an unworthy campaign: we saw everything, the false investigations on TV, all evening with the aim of painting a monster, accidentally the only opposition to the government, trying to take responsibility for the destruction of the CGIL after the to resolve any opposition, if the responsibility lies with a minister who must resign today “. Thus, the leader of Fdi, Giorgia Meloni, opened her speech at the closing event of Michetti’s election campaign.

Bertolaso: «I’m speaking here as a Roman citizen in love with the most beautiful city in the world. My grandmother told me that if there was still this rubbish bin in Rome, she would not want to live there anymore. I have to be sure, because if Michetti wins and they ask me to take care of the ashes, I will ask myself to solve the problems of this city. ” Guido Bertolaso ​​said that. «Many promises can be made – Bertolaso ​​continues – but ultimately what is needed is elbow grease. If you want it, you can get the most important results. This is the commandment I perform every day. Do not ask yourself what the country can do for you, but what you can do for your country, for the most beautiful city in the world. We need to roll up our sleeves and change. Give us a hand and we will succeed «.

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