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Atac Referendum, no quorum: 16% turnout. Ray: «Revive Now»


Atac Referendum, no quorum: Turnout 16%

referendum The Roman Public Transportation Advisory Board ATAC, Did not reach quorum 33% considered the Capitol's minimum validity period to be valid. Turnout is only 16%. Virginia Market Rays: "The Romans want Atac to work for revival now." More than 70% of the voters voted.

Seats were closed at 8 pm, and the trend was already at 4 pm when only 9 percent of the voters voted. Some lawmakers are confused. Radical reported that some citizens would not have been able to vote because they did not have an election card, if not necessary in this consultation. Campidoglio assumes no responsibility by letting you know that you have provided all appropriate information to your seat.

The radical Democratic People's Republic of Korea does not agree with the Parliament on the quorum that is considered to be 33%. "In our opinion, Riccardo Magi explains," Because the Capitol revised the statute by abolishing the quorum before amending the decree, "If we use tar? We will evaluate it. "A total of 386,900 citizens voted for 2,363,989 registered voters. The municipality with the highest turnout at 25.25% is second in San Lorenzo-Parioli, where he at least voted for Tor Bella Monaca Sixth, the most peripheral.

"There are numerous reports of serious events that prevent many citizens from voting regularly," said Riccardo Magi, Alessandro Capriccioli and Francesco Mingiardi, consultant promoters, Simone Sapienza and Radicali Roma.

"In particular, while many presidents are prevented from voting without an election card, it is clear that the identity document is sufficient to allow access to public opinion polls. Moreover, some seats can not be accessed by persons with disabilities, others have moved, We do not have any police force, we will document all the violations and use them from the right place, starting tomorrow. "

And the Magi invites: "Let's rebel with participation!" At the Capitol 5 Star Front (supporter of the vote), the Mayor of Virginia Launches in the afternoon, and in the morning the committee chairman, Penta Stratto Henry, urged the Fb: "In the moment of democratic confrontation, How you think it is important to express your opinion »Beyond. Also Zingaretti and Paolo Gentiloni, who have never had their own orientation.

Campidoglio made it clear that he "provided the right information in the seat" on the possibility of voting in the referendum even without an election card and identification documents. «Only one instance has been reported to the delegated service department and is resolved promptly in direct contact with the relevant authorities». This communication, underlined in Campidoglio, was propagated in the referendum "to all the presidents in the early afternoon," in a position to repeat the content of Directive 55 in the referendum. The paragraph reads, "In order for a person to vote, the voter must show his / her authorization document. The voters registered in the section list can vote even if they do not have an election card. An indication given to a voter to go to a polling place with an election card is to simplify the voting process for the sole purpose of facilitating the identification of the section to which the voter belongs. – As for closure or suspicion of the section, it is no longer for the school, One plexus is designated as closed. In this situation, prior notice was provided to the voters through a notice on the Roma Capital website and specific posters posted on the city territory, especially those of interest to Plessi, with possible section shifts. "« All voters who are interested in this move have been sent stickers to attach to the election card as usual ».

Today's meeting divided public opinion: for example, industrialists in Pd, FI, Unindustria supported liberalization; M5S, Lega, Leu-SI and union. The knot that will surely go forward is the knot of the voters' minimum threshold, so consultation (the municipality that manages in-house public transport in the capital) directly affects the future of the ATAC. Campidoglio has formulated the need to reach a quorum of 33.3%. According to promoters, a referendum would not be needed due to recent amendments to a bill that abolished referendums. Disagreements based on court approval changes may come before the TAR.

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