Saturday , October 1 2022

At the end of Lake Magore, the orange river will still be on the Po river.


We still warn all over Northern Italy about the dangers of flooding and flooding. Lake Maggiore overflowed from Verbania and invaded the promenade of Pallanza. Water has increased by half a meter over the past 24 hours, but remains at the risk level of six meters. There is no problem with survival in this area. It also flooded the lake of Ortaca, which invaded public gardens.

Piacenza City police closed the road underneath the railroad bridge to raise the Po level via Nino Bixio. The decision comes after the warning. "Orange" Issued by the Civil Protection Authority for flood problems and floods. The City Operations Center was also activated in a reduced form to monitor the situation. The Civil Protection Office recommends "pay attention to the citizens and do not approach the floodplain and bank of Po, as it is partially flooded."

But the worst weather step is over and most of Piedmont has returned without the rain. The floods of Po were first transformed in Turin and later in Alessandria without any damage. Vogogna of Ossola, where the Rio Church was scheduled to leave the bank yesterday, has returned an emergency. Today, the school is closed to the three municipalities of Vassogos (Vogogna, Ornavasso and Premosello Chiovenda). In the Biella region, some provincial roads have been suspended by road systems.

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