Saturday , January 22 2022

Asia Argento meets Carlos, son of Corona: "He is a special boy"


Asia Argento meets Carlos, the son of Corona:

Dinner for 3 people will get to know each other. Asian silver He met for the first time. Carlos MariaSon of Fabrizio CoronaA few days ago, an "official announcement" was held at a Milan restaurant. "Carlos is one of the most brilliant men I've ever met, he has a big, big mind." So the actress speaks to Chichi, who exclusively shows the image of the meeting.

The presentation dinner took place at the Milanese restaurant (a kind of specialty of Argentinean cuisine) that actresses spent at Fabrizio Corona's house for a long weekend. The evening was truly calm and pleasant. Asia and Carlos have long talked about philosophy, school, and life projects on their own. It is important to succeed in slowly building relationships even knowing each other. "We are good with Asia, we are not two, there is little to add and there is nothing to justify," said Fabrizio Corona, who appears to be the most likely due to this new enthusiasm. Argento Argento is more cautious and looks quite calm since he met Corona, but he (almost) begins to throw water into the fire. "It's okay." He said: "But let's go calmly."

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