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BRUXELLES – "Our analysis of aggregate – report 126.3 – suggests that the criterion of debit is considered unreliable. Concluding that the aperture is a procedure for achieving a solid debit deficit on the basis of"It calls on the Commission and in its report on the Italian language.

The Italian version has a "non-specific gravity" in the regulation of debt, in particular for the purpose of exploiting the scrutiny of 13 luglio. A 'quanto rileva la Commissione And in the valutazione adottata oggi. A "rammarico" from Bruxelles confirms its value-added balance of bilateral Italy. "The opinion of the 23-year identification for the Italian Dpb is largely unrealized by the delinquency rates in Italy on July 13, 2018. In general, the Dpb will be on the rise and on the economic side of the Commission will confess the existence of a The Commission does not say that the measures included in the Dpb will indicate a remedy of retromarts on the form of which Italy will be used in line with its recommencement ", as the case may be.

"The analysis presented in this report includes the valuation of all the facts and the fact that The macroeconomic conditions, non-intensive, intensive, rigid, non-existent gaps in the bottom of the debit, that the amount of time is 2% as of 2016; and the Government of the Governing includes a retrospect of its ritual passage, in particular on pension, "summarized the case and reported on the debit.

"In a situation where the milk is high, the Italy essentially pianizes a significant agenda, in the case of the need for balance sheet. The impetus of this will make the crescendo of a probable negative of our point of view. There is no significant significance to refining the potential crop, as well as possibly the contrary", said the Vice-President of the Commission Valdis Dombrovskis presenting the opinions of Bruxelles on their Italian papers.

"The Italian foreign policy is attributed to 131% over the previous year, not to mention the vulnerability of the economy at the expense of economics. credo that carries new austerity. As regards Italian governments, they have to pay tithing, leaving a meeting with the Paese people in the sun to the instability. Spero che questo rischio sia evitato ", ha sottolineato Dombrovskis, aggiungendo that" negli anni scorsi Italy has progressed to the stabilization of its economy and the growth of the crescendo and all the creations of labor. L'incertezza crescente di oggi rischia di minare questi progressi"."Our dreams are evidenced by the very first day of the week, which is what happened in the past six years and that is another day, "he said.

"The Italian debut restored the main concern, Italy did not mention the criterion of debit and this was a process for achieving a decent decline. Not significant that you have the right time for a successful deficit procedure, for a long time in the Member States to "present their position" on our reliance,", said the European Commission and Affari economics Pierre Moscovici presenting the maxipacchetto on the european european semester. "The terms and conditions of the agreement with the conclusions of the Commission are to be taken into account by the end of each year, with a new agreement on all of Italy, affirmed by the fact that the deficit and the employment of the debit have been imposed on this subject, discourse of the modalities , in the first place with the Italian author. In this situation, the most important dialogue is that our portfolio is almost the same. " Così il commissario Ue agli Affari economici Pierre Moscovici, presenta la maxipacchetto sul semestre europeo.

"The European Commission is expressing its negative value on the Italian government, which will violate the regime that will not allow investments and crises. It is isolated, the spread is stable and 300 pounds, the bore is minimal from 2016, the total weight of 300 milliards, crush the sediment of the imprint"Così il presidente del Parlamento europeo Antonio Tajani on Facebook. "The only thing that has come about is that the greatest wealth of investors and investors, and in the future of Italy – to prosper in Tajani – is the reason why it is all the governments of the European Union deciding on Italy This is a new issue that has been launched today, with a high level of economic growth in the world, with a population of 9 milliard, with a population of about 10/15 milliard dollars, and the merger of the Meridione merger Competitiveness and Innovation to the Centro and North ". Tajani recommends that "all Italia serves as a full-fledged man: abolish the cups of their imprints and their investments, invest in infra-red, and comprise the Tav, Gronda, Terzo valico and banda largina, meglio meglio i fondi Ue; zero cup sulle assunzioni di giovani 50 years of age are guaranteed to guarantee 50,000 euros guaranteed by the State for the completion of the creation or creation of a ". Infine l'appello: "C'è ancora tempo per cambiare questa manovra.I cittadini italiani non meritano di subire questo disastro per colpa dell're responsabilità de região che che, invece il risolvere i probleme italianes, si inventa ogni giorno nemici immaginari".


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