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Around time to keep Alex, the child will be transferred from London to the child Jesus


Alessandro Maria will come to Italy, the 18-year-old boy learns of a serious genetic pathology and is now looking for in London, where his parents live. Little Alex, whose illness has a solid solidarity contest from the web, is soon transmitted from London to the Bambino Gesù Children's Center in Rome on request by Italian parents and the same British structure. Here, as we learn, Alex will undergo a nuclear power plant transplant from one of the parents.

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The story of the child has in recent years a solidarity play from # 39; The Internet, where the parents of the child raised an appeal to find a compatible donor for transplantation. In a couple of weeks, the Network mobilized hundreds of people, from north to south of Italy, investigated a blood test to examine their compatibility, simultaneously in & # 39; an Italian register of knoppers. The fact that the search for a compatible donor for Alex has already been included in the broad network in international registers, which accounts for a total of approximately 30 million subscribers. Until today, unfortunately, a compatible donor was not found.

In fact, the availability of an Italian donor, which compatibility of & # 39; and compatibility is not sufficiently assessed by the British hospital, has failed in the past week. Today is the news distributed by Alex's parents, a non-Italian donor-compatible, but that would provide the availability of transplantation in the coming months. But Alex's situation does not last long: the child is actually subjected to a therapy with an experimental drug and, even if his life is not endured a short time, the effectiveness of 'drug' taken away. As a result, it is necessary to get as soon as possible after the transplant. Therefore, the parents decided to accept it, already in the last few months explained by the hospital of # 39; the Holy See, to treat the child.

In the child, Alex Alex is an innovative transplant technique that is the Roman hospital under the first in the world: in matters such as Alex, as for leukemia, causes the parent cell transplant as a first choice of a brother or a A compatible sister may be a donor, in the lack of this, a donor of international registers is used as a total or maximum compatibility. In the absence of this last option, one of parents can be used as a donor.

In this case, however, experts can respond, the compatibility of parents is only 50%. As a result, the great innovation of technology recently presented to the child Jesus: stamelections that have been transplanted and from & # 39; The parent would be taken to remove the elements, which could lead to rejection. In this way optimum compatibility is achieved. Up to now 50 children have been transplanted to the Child's Youth with this technique, with a total of 85% of cases. Therefore, the decision of Alex's parents decided to try this way: "So they say on Facebook – we're still hard".

In fact, they advertise, "The Great Ormond Street Hospital", in line with the director of # 39; The Department of Pediatrics Oncology of the Child Jesus Franco Locatelli, have proposed us to pay Alexander to Rome to give it a chance for the Italian team. Hope remains ". From parents, Cristiana and Paolo, comes a further riot on & # 39; again registered in the Italian Register of Dancer, with a small heart of & # 39; love to give a new hope of living to the many Alexander Maria – they close – they wait and strive in wait.

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