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AppScooter, electric and smart two wheel mobility


Electrical, Connected and Smart, it is a new AppScooter that Eorgo presents at the Eicma 2018, Milan Motor Show. Compact, long-distance electric scooter with Android operating system, Wi-Fi and 4G technology. Autonomous driving up to 240 km, acceleration of 0-45 km / h in 3.9 seconds, trunk compartment capacity up to 60 liters.

Plus a 7-inch touchscreen display, bluetooth connectivity and integration with mobile devices (only available with stationary scooters), at an affordable price from € 3,400 as a perfect means for urban mobility. .

The AppScooter electric scooter allows the operator to safely make phone calls without disconnecting the handlebars and connecting the Android system and smartphone to the display via Bluetooth.

Based on expectations for this home in Amsterdam, this innovative scooter is scheduled for entry into the European market in the second half of 2019. Sales and distribution can be pre-ordered on the website. An improvised structure and structure for retailers and retailers.
Another innovation involves delivering to a scooter buyer who will proceed to a "factory visit" directly at the customer's doorstep.

"Marijn (co-founder, Coo) and I started our partnership because I felt there was no product that could combine quality, innovation and sustainability with the scooter industry. Bart Jacobz Rosier, co-founder of Etergo, this is why we created AppScooter AppScooter is a technologically advanced electronic scooter, distributed by the most talented engineers and designers.
Eicma is an ideal showroom for introducing AppScooter to the international community and for everyone to understand that the company is the future of sustainable mobility. We think this country is one of the most important markets in Europe, and we always had respect for Italian design. For us, Italy is the heart of scooters, where they are born and where we are inspired by the project. "

Etergo was founded in 2015 with the right mission to revolutionize intelligent transportation, accelerate global transition with sustainable mobility, and create safe and environmentally-friendly alternatives. (M.R.)

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