Friday , May 7 2021

American Express, Santander and Ripple (XRP) cooperate for grassroots banks

According to Carlos Carriedo, general director of American Express, Famke Fan My Dreams (XRP) has the potential to revolutionary revolution on global scale. Carriedo spoke in the past few hours a madrid at the conference "Wings of Change Europe"Fortifying, among other things, the use and development of e blockchain It is an agenda of # 39; the company.

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It is clear that XRP and its potential have the antennas of those who work on the top floor of American Express. Here is a part of Carriedo's words:

Blockchain is an option that we look seriously. We have invested in a team that develops technology to develop, how to make it the most. We have a series of tests together with Santander and Ripple for lending fees … in a few seconds we can give the financial transfers of one part of the world to the other.

Ripple and "Blockchain for Europe"

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Working with American Express and Santander Ripple, making a strong ally with these two companies, tries to reduce the efficiency of its system. The cooperation between the three companies has been in place since November 2017 with the existing objective of a road to accelerate transfrontier transactions.

Many believe in XRP. It should be emphasized that in this general market it has suffered less from the crypto wounds that have decreased in percentage. Ripple is just a word of "Blockchain for Europe", An alliance attempting to voice the people 's blockades.

In addition, Ripple has recently been confirmed sufficiently in operation in China, causing other opportunities in the region.

There are still many things that need to be adjusted before the blockade is reed. But it's just really a promise … The morning is definitive digitally. In future, there will be purely and only digital images, both for large businesses and for small consumers.

the words of Carriedo.


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