Saturday , January 22 2022

25,000 babies in the year were born with alcohol syndrome


Another of that news [VIDEO] that, without a doubt, make no human beings, attention to new birth in our country. According to what I'm saying pediatric physicians, well twenty five thousand Children born in the year were born with the Fas, better known as the fetal-alcohol syndrome, one of # The most common pathogenesis on the fetus caused by a superfluous alcohol consumption in # 39; the difficulty. In fact, in our territory, according to the newspaper Il Mattino, this is the study of the Italian Confederation Pediatrician Lazio, a mother at sixty-seven alcoholism in drinking alcohol, will receive a child with these conditions.

Meanwhile, 10% of pregnant women are involved Italy It even runs 50%.

Forty five thousand children are influenced by Fas: the explanation of a photographer Graziani

As explained by one of the following: Pediatrician involved in the study, Maria Pia Graziani, The fetus can not be metabolized alcohol, and therefore can form important symptoms, and disorders that may have benefits on the life of an eternity. For the doctor in question that the truly alarming numbers have arisen from the study, the need to intervene and inform families about the dangerous thing and the doctors continuously train, the play full-fledged in & # 39; the prevention and in the end of the world.

Especially for these reasons, it is necessary to understand people how big the social relevance of alcohol power is, however, easy to control.

Regarding the fetus-alcoholic syndrome, it can see itself through morphological disorders, attention problems, behavioral problems, or learning and hyperactivity until it succeeds in very serious psychiatric disorders. [VIDEO]. Despite this important risk, it is one sickness This is not yet published correctly. de pediatrician He completed his speech by saying that this trend would be changed and that such trouble numbers could be due to a greater knowledge of 'disease' and better organization of ' The professional figures that involve this patology. These can include thousands of children's books in the world; can come to sin without bringing back alcohol.

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