Wednesday , December 1 2021

Will it be the Arab World Cup par excellence?


The results of the Arab teams in the World Cup qualifiers in Qatar 2022 announce a unique world with an Arab taste in the organization and participation that will end in twenty-eight days, that is the number of Arabic letters, on December 18, which coincides with the celebration of the International Day of the Arabic Language, and coach Jamal Belmadi wants it to be a date for the first Arabic and African coronation at the World Cup, as said two years ago against the French channels, and a date for the glory of Morocco and Tunisia Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the protagonist teams of the first qualifying rounds, pave the way for great ambitions as an extension of what Qatar is preparing from the point of view of organizational, which will be historically different, or at least different of everything the world has seen in previous sessions. After years of doubts about its capabilities, it has become clear to the world that Qatar will be on a rendezvous with an exceptional World Cup in all that can not repeat itself in the Arab region in the short term, nor will it repeat itself in a another country, because it will be the World Cup for the whole world, accompanied by sporting, recreational and cultural activities Conquer the Arab identity and present the characteristics of Arab civilization to the world able to host major events and erase that stereotype of Arabs who in their own way consume and do not produce, view and do not contribute to the events sector, a dream that comes close and only separates us a year later that was previously unattainable the beginning of the millennium The new , and before Qatar challenged the world and named and won the World Cup organization in 2010.. of games not defeated by 31 matches after winning four against Niger in Niamey, he begins to break the record of Italy whose career stopped at number 37 in the semi-finals of the European Nations League e against the Spaniards, which the Algerians the number could be defeated in winning the remaining two group stage matches against Djibouti and Niger next month, and then in January on the occasion of the final of the African Nations Cup, thanks to a respected coach, and a group of famous players with a high spirits and a unique playing identity in the history of Algerian football have led Islam Slimani to the historic score of the Algerian national team, which did not meet. He was arrogant and was not satisfied with victories, and tries to achieve even more. The Tunisian team, which is at first level on a continental level, continues its role despite the draw against Mauritania in the fourth round, claiming that it is one of the big candidates to fight for one of the five cards on Africa are committed, especially since it will not be facing Algeria and Morocco. In the decisive match in which the Moroccan team officially qualified for four victories, in which he scored 14 goals and scored only one goal, despite all the controversy that was provoked each time by Bosnian coach Vahid Halilhodzic with his shocking decisions for Moroccan public opinion, especially when he decided to do without Chelsea star Hakim Ziyech for disciplinary reasons, which he has always done with the teams of Ivory Coast, Algeria and Japan, as well as with the club The Egyptian team, that back and forth won over Libya, was the only one to lead their group to a victory in the distance against Angola in the next round to guarantee qualification the decisive role with his new coach, the Portuguese Carlos Queiroz, who could quickly adapt to the peculiarities of Egyptian football, of its media and its fans, realizing the difficulty of the mission in the play-off game that A What about Algeria, Tunisia or Morocco following March, which deprives us of an Arab participation record, and deprives the World Cup of one of the strongest Arab teams. Australia is in their group, and underlines their desire to be present in Doha with its loyal fans, which will give the World Cup a special flavor and a Gulf and Arab character that will testify to an Arab participation record and, why not, a historic technical result that opens the doors for another Arab enterprise for the organization of the global event in the Levant as the Maghreb, and why not realize the realization of the dream that Belmadi spoke to media French with all the madness with which he his experience lives the African champion. Algerian journalist

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