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Two scholars discussed the role of former Israeli prime minister Mahatma Gandhi and Yitzhak Rabin in an event hosted by the Israeli consul general in India.

Panelists – the Indian and Israeli panel – talked about the lives and deaths of the two leaders, their similarities, and the memories of the day they were assassinated. The event was held to commemorate the two leaders.

Panelists include Professor Vijay Padaki and Gadi Ariav, Founding Professors of the Bangalore Institute of Institute and Visiting Professors of the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Professor of Technology and Information Systems Management, Israel Tel Aviv University.

Padaki said Gandhi is a complex person who suffers from many problems in his life. "From a management perspective, you can see very different Gandhi, even his ideas about nonviolence are complicated," he said.

The death of both Gandhi and Rabin was an assassination that shocked countries. Professor Alav recalled the assassination of Rabin and said it was an incredible incredible incident in Israel. Professor Padaki said the assassination was a fairly common thing in history, and that people got up because they could not bear their differences. "The basic hearing is the same when the whole community is removed when standing in someone's way."

Professor Aleave pointed out that one difference between Gandhi and Lavin was that, unlike Gandhi, who had no doubt as the country 's Mahatma, Lavin' s status was still controversial in Israel . "For 23 years, Lavin added," Death does not take long enough to find a solution. "

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