Thursday , January 20 2022

Palestine faces 15-year-old salaries after merchants who plan to sell Jews


(JTA) – A Palestinian Authority convicted two men in felony with hard work to sell land to Israel's Jews.

The first home residence in Kalkilia, in Northwest Bank, set the satirical Wednesday to & # 39; The evaluators, both of the municipality Kufr Thuluth, the WAFA news agenda.

The share of land they sold in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem, such as Israel in # 39; The borders of pre-1967 would take place in January.

Palestinian preventive security said Monday on its website that arrested the four people, one of them a lawyer, killed by plot to "sell land to Israeli parties". None of the parties were identified in WAFA's report.

According to WAFA, the country is worth $ 10 million.

Palestinian law requires the sale of land in West Bank and Gaza to non-resident without a prior consent of & nbsp; a Minister of the Council.

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