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Minister of Justice of Israel's dismissal, facing dismissal, ignored AG's political reform demands.


Attorney General Mandelblit asked Zilber's attorney general to appear on the Knesset committee and ask him to get out of politics. She ignored him.

Jack Gold, World Israel News

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit warned Deputy Minister Dina Zilber before the controversial controversy over Knesset's educational loyalty bill, warning him not to issue any provocative statements. IDF radio Reported on Sunday.

Mandelblit asked Zilber to refrain from adding personal comments while the Commission defended the government's bill, but somehow he did so and made a tough comment on government policy instead of representing it on the committee.

Zilber faced possible layoffs Tuesday after a controversy sparked by Mike Regev, Minister of Culture and Sports at the Knesset Board of Education against the Cultural Controversy Law on Tuesday. The proposed law would allow the government to hold funds from cultural institutions or events that harm or honor Israel.

Zilber argued that the bill had hurt the "social discourse". If someone could be a loyal person, is the other person a traitor? Fifth row? … show us the unified, trained and educated people. Loyalty to culture is a contradiction like deaf silence, "said Zilber.

Attorney General Ayelet Shaked said Wednesday that the Attorney General or Attorney General can oppose the legal position but not the political position.

Shaked stressed that elected officials, not state employees, should make policy decisions. Otherwise, it would be impossible to operate the state.

Sheikh demands Gilber to resign or be dissolved. In the meantime, Zieber will not represent the government in Knesset's deliberations until Mandelbert finishes the investigation into the possibility that Gilver will break the law.

Speeches on Saturday interview Channel 13Shaked said she thought "the Attorney General's agency should be clean and professional. Once a politician, it blocks the point at which it seats."

She said, "Public officials can not go to the government and can not resist the government." It will not allow the attorney general to be politicized, and if the political system is introduced, the political system will be destroyed. "

Shaked emphasized the need for trust between ministers and their legal counsel. "When a lawyer comes out publicly to the government, he can not work or represent it," he said.

Dina Zilber Israeli political admonition

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