Thursday , June 24 2021

Israeli hardline education minister offers PM ultimatum – Brinkwire

Naftali Bennett, threatens to pull the party from the coalition government if there is no defense portfolio.

Abdel Raouf Arnaout


Israeli Education Minister Naphtali Bennett threatened to withdraw the Jewish political party from the government unless a defense portfolio was granted, following the sudden resignation of Defense Secretary Abigor Reberman.

A spokesman for Bennett said, "If Bennett does not become a defense minister, his party will withdraw from the rule."

Earlier, the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation (IPA) predicted that the prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu will take up his defense portfolio after his departure from Lebanon.

Lieberman suddenly resigned Wednesday after a ceasefire between the Palestinian insurgents and Israel.

Lieberman announced his resignation from a private meeting of his Israeli Beiteinu party members.

If Bennett's Jewish political party withdraws from the government, the present-day Likud-led coalition of Netanyahu will lose the majority of Kenetta, which can be vulnerable to parliament's security vote.

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