Tuesday , January 25 2022

Forbes announces the 309 Under Class of 2019 List!


Forbes We have released a list of 309 Under Class of 2019 throughout the United States and Canada.

The list includes 300 pioneers in 20 industry sectors with an average age of 26.8 years. More than 55% of these are founders or co-founders, 19% of 57% of immigrants are immigrants, and 38% are known as first generation immigrants.

The popular names on the list are the Milwaukee Bucks power forward, Giannis Antitoconcopoe, 23, Detroit Pistons Star Blake Griffin, 29, who moves from court to media Mogul, musicians Post Malone, 23, Reel pump, 18, 21 Savage, 26, Photographer Tyler Mitchell, 23 people took a picture. Beyonce For her popularity September 2018 Cover and actor Lead of the storm, 15.

Nigerians / Nigerians are:

Art and Style: Taofeek Abijako, 20 years old. He started a high-end men's clothing brand in his teenage years at Albany High School.

photographer, Cayo de Ozo, 28 (art and style) in Paris, Berlin, New York and Dallas.

Consumer technology: Obiomi Junior Who established a cut with a high school close friend? Kushpatel. theCut is a barber technology platform where users and barbershop can schedule appointments and manage appointments.

healthcare: Adekoke Orubushi, 25 years old, Titoobia, 25 and Dimeji Sofowora, 26 founders of Helium Health used by 5,000 doctors, and 500,000 patient data across West Africa.

Jae Won: Ostutun to come up, 25, Cofounder / CTO, Lighting Labs. We raised $ 2.5 million to turn bitcore into a more practical payment method by making small transactions more cost effective.

Sports: Emmanuel Acho, 28, former linebacker Brown and Eagles who will serve as the youngest football analyst for ESPN. In 2017, the nonprofit Living Hope Christian Ministries has raised enough money to build a hospital in rural communities in Nigeria.

Alos listed Shadrack FrimpongHe was the first person to enter the University of Pennsylvania at a university in Ghana. After winning the contest, he founded the Cocoa 360 and pioneered the 'Influential Farm & # 39; model that supports education and healthcare services using income from community cocoa farms.

Our 2019 classes raise more than $ 1 billion and average 67 hours per week.

77% of winners are considered to be under 30 in their careers, 89% are optimistic about the US economy for start-ups, 31% have decided what they want to do for a career in college, and 22% I decided. 10% is still being decided.

See the full list of Forbes.

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