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Danish Minister: Great Learning Courses in Israel – News News


Danish Minister of Higher Education and Science Tommy Ahlers spoke at the Residence du Président

Danish Minister for higher education and science Tommy Ahlers speaks to the president of his visit to Israel.
(Credit Card: YOSSI VEHICLE)


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Israel presents great opportunities for learning and further working for Denmark academic institutions and companies, Danish higher education and research scholars Tommy Ahlers tell The European post In week there is a week visiting a # 39; the Jewish state.

Ahlers, accompanied by seven Danish university presidents, were representatives of Israeli university, startups and incubators, and the Innovation Authority, Higher Education Council and the Ministry of Science and Technology.

"Israel is further than Denmark to make research done at universities, which is actually working as a foundation for starting construction," said Ahlers, Israeli success in the field of technology sales. "That is one dimension that we want to learn from Israel."

Although proudly at the high level of the Danish research, said the expert politician Danemark was still able to learn from her Israeli research sciences. "You have a few other Nobel Prize winners from Israel than we did in Denmark," he said.

Increased cooperation between Denmark and Israel could benefit from the financing of EU. Israel is a full partner in Horizon 2020, the research and innovation program of # 39; The EU, which provides a possible finance mechanism for Danish and Islamic research teams to co-operate.

With such partnerships, Ahlers said, comes down to personal relationships found by forums and opportunities for Danish researchers to get Israeli researchers.

"Although we are two different countries, both Denmark and Israel are built on strong values ​​and democratic values," said Ahlers.


"We can do a few things together. You have a long tradition in spiritual and in technology, and so we do, and we want to further strengthen it."

In 2016, Denmark opened the seventh foreign innovation center in Tel Aviv. The center has a dual purpose, both to share with partnerships with iron companies and collaboration in research.

Unlike the other international cities in Denmark, international cities – such as Shanghai, Munich and New Delhi – Tel Aviv no direct mark on the same scale.

"That's why the Tel Aviv center is a special one," said Ahlers. "Israel is a country, but only slightly larger than Denmark, Tel Aviv's center focuses on setting innovation and research, which is not an extension of a trading room."

Ahlers invented three different fields in Denmark that have potential for iron companies that seek to partner with: agriculture, life sciences and health data.

"There is now a Danish headquarters in Teva, one of the largest living sciences, that can lead to tissue bands between our life sciences, including in the field of research," said Ahlers.
"According to the latest OECD numbers, Denmark number one of a reasonable margin in terms of investments in public medical science research relative to GDP."

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