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Banksy's latest Palestinian stunt spark is the world's leading art collector, World News


London's underground artist Banksy has produced provocative posters this week to publicize Palestine to promote the Palestinians, earning high praise from the Palestinian Minister of Tourism and raging others. I burnt social media with an artist collector in London. Anti Semitic.

Batia Ofer, wife of London-based Israeli billionaire Idan Ofer, is famous for his left-wing view of the Israeli-Palestinian issue. Ofers also own an important postwar modern art collection. But Banksy's latest homemade shot said it was too far away.

"We are very peaceful, but when people strike us, I will rise for the right to exist," Batia Ofer told Haaretz in an email exchange.

The saga began last Friday when he sold one of his fingerprints shortly after being sold for $ 1.4 million at Sotheby's, and Banksy, who most recently shocked the art world, announced that he would display a separate copy in his Instagram account. World Travel Market London International Trade Fair Barrier. It is the world's largest trade show and attracts approximately 50,000 travel agencies to conduct business transactions worth $ 4.2 billion.

Posted in Banksy Instagram Account on November 7, 2018 Instagram

"I opened the stall for the first time at the trade fair next week.I painted a clone barrier to promote the Walled Off hotel.We will hand out free stuff at the Palestinian stand. Attached is a two gray concrete slab-imitated 700. A wall separating Israel and the West Bank – a kilometer long. Two angels representing Israel and Palestine are shaking the wall.

This is not the first time Banksy has shown support for Palestinian cause and helped Palestinian tourism efforts for the first time. Banskey 9 rooms are cheeky hotels in Bethlehem with "the worst view" of any hotel in the world, and more than 50,000 tourists have flocked since opening in March.

Rula Maayah, the Palestinian Minister of Tourism, who built Banksy to encourage young people to visit the West Bank, praised the writer's help this week at a trade show.[promoting] Palestine and [focusing] Talking about the beauty of Palestine, we talked about the beauty of Palestine at the same time. "On the other hand, the wonderful world travel market organizer boasted interest in the artist's social media.

It is not surprising that the Palestine stand, one of the smallest in trade shows, was the venue when it was held on Tuesday. Hundreds of travel agencies and travel experts can get a glimpse of mysterious artists.

Ofer, who said she would support all Palestinian causes for West Bank tourism, is a Palestinian student school where she and her husband attend Harvard Kennedy.

What bothered her was the limited edition poster that the Palestinian team distributed at the booth. The poster promoted by Banksy at Instagram shows the fair ride. The motto below reads: "Visit historical Palestine, the Israeli army never liked it so much!"

"You can criticize Israel for the present situation. We are pursuing a solution for both countries solely for the sake of justice for both sides," recalled Banker to Banksy, speaking of two writers' Instagram pages. "But it is embarrassing to suggest that we do not have the right to exist, and the Israeli military service is obligatory! Your poster is condemning all Israelis! Your poster resembles Nazi propaganda in the 1930s, @ Bank City # the state of affairs "

Ofer attached the image of turning the word "Palestine" to "Israel" and Banksy's slogan "Welcome to the only democracy in the Middle East" and returning social media to her post. They are tagged with children, "Christians, Palestinians," "Druze, Muslims," ​​and "LGBTQ" with their rainbow flags running around the watchtower.

Banksy has not responded yet.

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