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Back from another Jedi / Film

Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 7 Trailer

Last summer, Star Wars Fans whose worlds were included in the story are a surprising expertise in the recurrence of the animated series The Clone Wars. Now we are very close to the show comeback, this time through Disney +, and a new trailer has left the return of a particular Jedi open.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars season sand will be brought back Ahsoka Tano (Ashley Eckstein), they left behind their master Anakin Skywalker and the rest of the Jedi Council to get rid of them. The full trailer tells where they're finding some new friends, but it also continues in the titular war, the well-known Jedi in & # 39; a fight, the Clone Troopers by seeing their site and a bored one, of course, again trying to see everything again. See the Star Wars The Clone Wars season 7 trailer below.

Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 7 Trailer

If you can see above, Ahsoka deserves a long time in Coruscant's legacy underworld, so some new friends will join & # 39; make a way. But ultimately she returns to help the Jedi in Clone Wars, and she even gets a new troop edition to order, each with her face orange with the white mark of her face on her. You can view an animated version of the full clip below, as in & # 39; display panel:

Of course you are not the only new Clone Troopers on the stage. Some important troops have been lost in a fight, a chance for Clone Force 99, or the Bad Batch, to step and strive for some hard-earned ass. The troop group of troops was advanced in, but it was released when the show was not allowed to return for more episodes, but now we see them in their full glory.

To show also the animated top, Ahsoka is again with Anakin Skywalker. And telling the trailer, he gives her double lights, but this time with blue leaves instead of green. We will see these pages with a trusted Sith kill if Darth Maul appears at the end of this trailer. It is a nice role that he calls hope for a rematch with Obi-Wan Kenobi and we know that he will thank his wishes much later Star Wars Rebels.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars will only come back to Disney + sometimes in the first year's services of & # 39; operation.

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