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Asuka gave the man and the queen to TLC


WWE SmackDown

The edition of Nov. 27 of WWE SmackDown was to click on a blue show for the blue market with future feuds and a few new feuds.

The night of WWE SmackDown saw the return of The Man, a 20-year celebration, and a subsequent new flight to pay a couple of TLC for one of the most important matches.

There is a lot to be interested in with the blue brand these days and that is good with a new year faster. To this end, let's go to a few classes of Nov. 27 WWE edition SmackDown.

Open 5. Segment

The hottest superstar in WWE and the actuality of # 39; a pro-wrestling company like Becky Lynch over the past couple of months. She achieved a level of success and population that was not seen for a while, but another superstar sits on her back.

As a result of Lynch's injuries in the hands of Nia Jax, Charlotte Flair took over her place at Survivor Series against Ronda Rousey and the Queen brought her old self, or true self, by Rousey after the match. These two women had a lot to say in the last open session as GM Paige introduced the way back to humanity.

Lynch was back when the Uber-Trusted Champion was, but she was not told Charlotte. Lynch said Charlotte Lynch by Survivor Series was hugging Rousey, but Charlotte did not say that well. The queen said she was none but herself, she realized when she had to do the job, they could quickly change. More shots were mutilated by both women, before the women's division was involved.

Paige reported that Lynch would be against TLC in the TLC for the SmackDown women's contest in the first fraction of TLC match, but that the winner of a letter quizzed in # The first night earnestly represent that the game becomes Triple Threat Match. This was an inspiring way to kick off the show with the two hottest superstars in the market where they were at the top of their game.

It went a long time to the rest of the division, but this opening was very good.

Final Message: A-

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