Saturday , May 28 2022

Ambassador to Admor of Belz: Trump holds Israel


Ambassador Friedman must have Belzer Rebbe

Ambassador Friedman must have Belzer Rebbe


Israeli ambassador to Israel David Friedman has visited the residence of Belzer Rebbe, Rabi Yissachar Dov Rokeach, in Jerusalem on Tuesday.

In the meeting, the Ambassador of # 39 told the meeting. Rebbe who loved the present administration of Israel: "President Trump and all his advisers are lovers of Israel and want peace in Israel, but it will only fit with the grace of heaven, to the people peace, but the terrifying leaders send the whole time. "

The Ambassador said: "The agreement with the Iranians was a threat to Israel, and the president Trump noticed the sanctions in hoping that the Iranian would not be harmful in Israel The state of Israel had seven years of famine in # 39. The United States and now President Trump is the state of Israel in seven years. After Admor visited the ambassador, a container of olive oil for Chanukah.

From the home of Rebbe Friedman went to the great Beit Midrash of Belz. "It is a great honor for me at the Belz belch, the world of Torah education and the Jews built of land to the top," said the ambassador , "if I know how all the Holocaust was destroyed, and this miracle of regeneration and faith."

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