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Airbnb abduction of illegal Islamic settlements had to be with both


Israeli-Minister Jariv Levin has asked him to go to 'Airbnb & # 39; activities in country in & # 39; taking into account the decision of the company to stop list of property in Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank.

But not all Israelites think it's a good idea, including left wingers and some of 22,000 Airbnb hosts in Israel

"If you have a policy of discrimination against Israel, you can not earn money in Israel," Levin responds in response to the decision of the court, which has more than 200 listings on distances by most of international community is illegally considered.

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While Palestinian leaders move it to a step in direction, Levin presented a "shameful tradition" to # 39; e Boykott, Divestment and Social Movement [BDS] It tries to isolate Israel for its further occupation of Palestinian land.

Esther Hecht, an Israeli writer and translator criticizing her husband a guest room in Western Europe, Levin gets.

"Airbnb is a large part of Israel's economy, and Levin should be very worried about what he says and do in relation to this," she said, adding that there were ninety eight percent of her guests coming by Airbnb.

"It's really all about my business." Airbnb and companies provide opportunities for people with limited budgets to come to Israel. "If the minister wants to resign, then he is a sector of tourism, the smartphone is sitting."

Asked if she had to lose business willingly, Hecht replied, "Hell now, I try the occupation and that's a result of the occupation."

But she also criticizes Airbnb for disbanding Israel, while other problems are planned. "Israel is held to a different standard," she said

Airbnb, in announcement of his move, said that after consultations the removal of listings would be deleted; are in the core of & # 39; a conflict between Israelis and Palestine. In the decision of the decision, the company said that the research, including "the existence of the listings affects existing human suffering".

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A spokesperson for the company said that the prohibition does not apply to listings in Eastern Europe or the Golan Hooks, which are both in Israel in the war of # 39; the Northeast of 1967.

Israeli settlements are considered under international law and important roadblocks for peace, to be built on the land Palestine as part of their future state
Over 400,000 Israelis live in West Coast settlements [Getty]

Israel settlements are considered under international law and important roadblocks for peace, where they are built on the land are Palestinian as a part of their future state.

Around 400,000 Israelis live in Western Currents, which range from large hamlets to major cities. A further 200,000 live in settlements in East-Europe.

Gaby Lasky, lawyer and former Tel Aviv councilor for the Left Meretz party, said they did not think Levin had a lot of legal basis to limit Airbnb's activities in Israel.

"I think Airbnb's moral right does not want to advertise stores in the area," said Lasky.

Levin was seen by the Times of Israel website or said that its ministry has contacted the financial ministries, it proposes to "make a special and high taxes" on Airbnb activities. But the minister said that the tax would not be filed on the riders himself, that it was clear that a part of Airbnb's business was visited.

In contrast to Levin, Kristel and Tariq Elayyan, a couple of visitors in an apartment in West Bank city Beit Sahour, near Bethlehem, are pleased with the new policy of Airbnb.

In the past, Airbnb sent them because they gave them a platform to sell their homes, "said Kristel, a relative of Holland.

They felt that this was a great threat to their family's family lost to the settlement of Gilo in occupied East-Europe.

The Bikta Baker's blockade in the West Bank outpost of Esh Kodesh, is one of the & # 39; Many of the best known airbnb sites [Getty]

"It would be very strange that the same platform would use colonists to use, while my family was the one that lost the country. We decide that morality is not what we want to do."

Now, however, "We can really see the Airbnb, at least there is an opening to give a thought.

"It's the only good choice you could make it easy," she said from Airbnb's exit of colonists.

"We all know that the settlements are illegal under international law, I live here and I see how # Palestinian territories are being spent on educating settlements in the first place."

I live here and I see how day's day the land of Palestine is taken to build settlements. The colonists should not make money and make money on land that never was in the first place

Airbnb is popular in Tel Aviv, with a research by the municipality's last burden that the number of camels hired in the coastal city by Airbnb is similar to the number of hotel and hostel compartments.

In other major cities, it is about a third of its visitors by Airbnb. The demand will increase even more than Tel Aviv the next month of Eurovision in 2019.

Still, the platform lost at least one of its Tel Aviv hosts with its decision west bank.

Michael Freedman, an entrepreneur with four airbnb listings, decided to leave the company of jobs of settlements.

"They play with politics if they do not want it. The fact that they make Israel do their part with the internationalization of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), namely Israel higher standards than other peoples, "said Freedman.

Although he hurts at the Airbnb money, Freeman frees himself without a principle.

"Unless they come up with a nuanced policy, I can not give them the income," he said.

Ben Lynfield is a journalist based in Europe.

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