Tuesday , January 31 2023

You should buy … Sony Xperia XZ3?


Creating a smartphone that stands out in a crowded market is a demanding business, even for established players like Sony.

The company's Xperia brand entered its tenth year in 2018, and recently added the XZ3 handset to its lineup. Sony has resisted the popular notch trend in its most recent flagship by choosing evolution rather than revolution, but was it a good idea to take a modest approach?

Design and display

Many specifications of the Xperia XZ3 smartphone are the same as the previous product (PA / Jamie Harris)

The latest Xperia XZ2 can easily be mistaken for XZ3. The design is almost identical, except that it has a rounded edge like the most recent Samsung Galaxy S handset.

It's obviously comfortable enough to give it an elegant look and hold it with one hand – it's hard to come to many of the many smartphones that have become addictive today.

However, elegance is drowned out by the stained glass body material that is noticeable in the soiled black glass body.

The stain is a matter of telephone (PA / Jamie Harris).

At 9.9mm, the XZ3 is slightly thinner than the 11.1mm of the XZ2 and weighs 19 grams, 5 grams less, but this is not enough to eliminate the bulk of the phone.

The back plate remains nearly identical to the previous model, including the awkward placement of the center fingerprint sensor.

Sony's grace and excellence are astounding OLED displays that take advantage of its strength as a TV manufacturer in the Bravia range. The 6in 2160×1080 display offers either attractive color and the darkest black found on a smartphone, making it ideal for watching movies or videos on the go.


Much of the XZ3 hardware is the same as before and handles phone speeds using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset and 4GB of RAM.

Despite a reasonable specification sheet, the handset will not run smoothly if desired. Especially if you have multiple apps running in the background.

Examples of photos taken by Xperia XZ3 (PA / Jamie Harris)

Side Sense is a great add-on with the ability to get the most used apps and shortcuts, but it can be damaged by accidental touch.

Sony is also missing a chance to upgrade its rear camera with a 19-megapixel snapper. The photos are still fine for viewing, but they do not surpass other Android devices like Google's Pixel handset and OnePlus 6T.

Oddly, Sony decided to focus on the front camera and reach a maximum of 13 megapixels, so at least you can notice the differences.


Sony likes to keep the starting price of 699 pounds and tends to increase every time, just like other handset manufacturers, but sadly the XZ3 continues to match its predecessor instead of offering better goals.

If you want to watch movies on beautiful screen, you can easily find new and valuable parts in XZ3.

It is good to attach the shape of a mobile phone to one hand, but please drop it again with a bulky weight.

It will be time for Sony to take the path of revolution rather than adhere to the safety of evolution.– The Press Association

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